REFERENCE characteristics
SO941460 12A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SO942460 25A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SO942860 25A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 15-312Vac -10-30Vdc
SO943460 35A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SO945460 50A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SO963460 35A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 3,5-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SO965460 50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 3,5-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SO967460 75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 3,5-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SO942560 25A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 7-30Vdc/Led + Toshiba optos
SO963560 35A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8-30Vdc/Led + Toshiba optos
SO965560 50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8-30Vdc/Led + Toshiba optos
SO965560WF SO965560 mounted on WF151200
SO967560 75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8-30Vdc/Led + Toshiba optos
SO967560WF 75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8-30Vdc/Led + Toshiba optos
REFERENCE characteristics
SOR842074 25A/12-275Vac/VDR/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/Regulated Input/IP20
SOR863070 35A/24-510Vac/VDR/Ctrl 3,5-32Vdc/Led/Regulated Input/IP20
SOR865070 50A/24-510Vac/VDR/Ctrl 3,5-32Vdc/Led/Regulated Input/IP20
SOR867070 75A/24-510Vac/VDR/Ctrl 3,5-32Vdc/Led/Regulated Input/IP20
SOR86707WF SOR867070 mounted on heatsink
REFERENCE characteristics
SOD843180 35A/70-275Vac/RC/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Led/Diagnostic
SOD845180 50A/70-275Vac/RC/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Led/Diagnostic
SOD865180 50A/150-510Vac/RC/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Led/Diagnostic
SOD867180 75A/150-510Vac/RC/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Led/Diagnostic
Single phase SSR type SC7 for inductive loads
MQ = Minimum Quantity …per order
REFERENCE characteristics
SC741110 12A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Random
SC742110 25A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Random
SC744110 40A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Random
SC762110 45A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Random
SC764110 45A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Random
SC764910 50A/400Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac / Random
SC767110 75A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Random
SC768110 95A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Random
SC769110 125A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Random
Single phase SSR type SC8 for all the loads
MQ = Minimum Quantity …per order
REFERENCE characteristics
SC841110 12A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30V
SC841910 12A/230Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SC842110 25A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc
SC842810 25A/230Vac/Ctrl 17-60Vac
SC844110 40A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc
SC844910 40A/230Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SC862110 25A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc
SC862910 25A/400Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SC864110 45A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vac
SC864810 45A/400Vac/Ctrl 17-60Vac
SC864910 45A/400Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SC867110 75A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc
SC867910 75A/400Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SC868110 95A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc
SC868910 95A/400Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SC869110 125A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc
SC869910 125A/400Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
Single phase SSR type SC9 for resistive loads
MQ = Minimum Quantity …per order
REFERENCE characteristics
SC941110 12A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc
SC941160 12A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Led
SC942110 25A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc
SC942120 25A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/VDR
SC942160 25A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Led
SC942900 25A/230VAC/Ctrl 90-240 Vac
SC944110 40A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc
SC944160 40A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Led
SC945160 50A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Led
SC947160 75A/230Vac/Ctrl 4-30Vdc/Led
SC962114 25A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc
SC962160 25A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Led
SC962960 25A/400Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac/dc/Led
SC965100 50A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc
SC965160 50A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Led
SC967100 75A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc
SC967160 75A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Led
New flatpac relay SOL
REFERENCE characteristics
SOL942460 25A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SOL965460 25A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/Tosh. Optos
SOL745060 50A/12-275Vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/ Regulated Input/BRT Optos/Random
SILD - power SSRs with diagnostics
REFERENCES Characteristics
SILD845160 32A/70-275VAC/Cmd 4-32Vdc/1500A²s/diagnostic
SILD865170 32A/150-510Vac/Cmd 4-32Vdc/1500A²s/Diagnostic
SILD867170 35A/150-510Vac/Ctrl 3,5-32Vdc/5000A²s/Diagnostic
Three phase solid state relays type SIT
REFERENCES Characteristics
SIT865390 celpac 3x22A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vac/8,5-30Vdc
SIT865570 celpac 3x22A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vdc
SIT865990 celpac 3x22A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SIT867570 celpac 3x28A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 10-30 VDC
Three phase solid state relays type SCT/SGT/SVT
MQ = Minimum Quantity …per order
REFERENCE characteristics
SCT32110 3x12A/400Vac / random / with connectors
SCT62110 3x12A/400Vac / 0-cross / with connectors
SGB967360E 2-phase 75A/24-600VAC/3-phase wiring/Ctrl 10-30VDC
SGT867350 3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8-30Vdc
SGT962360 3x25A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc
SGT965360 3x50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc
SGT965960 3x50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 90-240vac
SGT967360 3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc
SGT767470E 3x75A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 4-32Vdc/random/E suffix 47,6mm
SGT769360E 3x125A/24-520VAC/Crtl 8,5-30Vdc/random/E suffix 47,6mm
SGT865470E 3x50A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 4-32Vdc/E suffix 47,6mm
SGT965360E 3x50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vdc/E suffix 47,6mm
SGT967360E 3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vdc/E suffix 47,6mm
SGT967760E 3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 10-24Vac/E suffix 47,6mm
SGT967960E 3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac/E suffix 47,6mm
SGT968360E 3x95A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vdc/E suffix 47,6mm
SVT764394 3x50A/24-500Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc/random
SVT864374 3x50A/24-500Vac/Ctrl 10-32Vdc
SVT867394 3x75A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc
SVT867994 3x75A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SVT869394 3x125A/24-500Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc
SVT869994 3x125A/24-500Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SVT965360 3x50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc
SVT965760 3x50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vac/dc
SVT967360 3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc
SVT967960 3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 230Vac
SVT864394E 3x50A/24-500Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc/E suffix 47,6mm
SVT868394E 3x95A/24-500Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc/E suffix 47,6mm
SVT965460E 3x50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 4-32Vdc/E suffix 47,6mm
SVT965960E 3x50A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac/E suffix 47,6mm
SVT967360E 3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc/E suffix 47,6mm
Three phase solid state contactors type SWT/SWB
MQ = Minimum Quantity …per order
REFERENCE characteristics
SWT860330 5A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vac/dc
SWT860390 5A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SWT861290 22A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SWT861730 28A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vac/dc
SWT861790 28A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SWT862030 32A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vac/dc
SWT862090 32A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 90-240Vac
SWT865080 50A/24-520Vac/Ctrl 10-30Vac/dc
Ready to use soft-starters
MQ = Minimum Quantity …per order
REFERENCES characteristics
SMCV6080 Soft-starter 16AC3/200 to 480VAC
SMCV6110 Soft-starter 22AC3/200 to 480VAC
SMCV6150 Soft-starter 30AC3/200 to 480Vac
SMCW6020 Soft-starter 2,2KW/200to480V
SMCW6080 Soft-starter 7,5KW/200to480V
SMCW6110 Soft-starter 11KW/200to480V
SMCW6150 Soft-starter 15KW/200to480V
SMCW6151 Soft-starter 15KW/200to480V/By-Pass
Reverser relays
MQ = Minimum Quantity …per order
REFERENCES characteristics
SG969100 I=6,6AC3/24-500Vac/Cd10-30Vdc
SG969300 I=8,5AC3/24-500Vac/Cd12-30Vdc
SV969300 I=8,5AC3/24-500Vac/Cd12-30Vdc
SV969500 I=16AC3/24-550Vac/Cd12-30Vdc
SW960330 P=1,5KW/24-500V/Cd12-30Vdc
SW961230 P=4KW/24-500v/Cd12-30Vdc
SSR accessories
REFERENCES Characteristics
WF031100    * Heatsink DIN 0,3 °c/W with fan for SC/SV8/SVT/SV9/SG
WF050000 Heatsink 0,55 °c/W for SC/SV8/SVT/SV9/SG
WF070000    * Heatsink 0,75 °c/W for SC/SV8/SVT/SV9/SG
WF108110 Heatsink 1,1°c/W for SO/SC/SV
WF115100    * Heatsink DIN 0,95°c/W for SC/SV8/SVT/SV9/SG
WF121000    * Heatsink DIN 1,2 °c/W for SC/SV8/SVT/SV9/SG
WF131100    * Heatsink DIN 1,1°c/W for SC/SV8
WF151200 Heatsink DIN 2,2°c/W for SC/SV8
WF210000    * Heatsink 2,1 °c/W for SC/SV8
WF262100    * Heatsink DIN 2,2°c/W for SC/SV8
WF311100 Heatsink DIN 3°c/W for SU SA
Package comprising Heatsinks+DIN rail adapter and assembling costs
1LW23100 Assembling SC/SV on WF23 + WF23100 + 1LD12020
1LW27100 Assembling SC/SV on WF27 + WF27100 + 1LD12020
1LWD1202 Assembling SC/SV on 1LD12020 + 1LD12020
DIN rail adapter
1LD00400 DIN Adaptor for WF 21/16/13/07/05
1LD00500 DIN Adaptor for SG / SVT / SV969300
1LD12020 DIN Adaptor for SC / SV8 Assembling vertical
Protection cover
1K199000 Assembling on Relays SGT / SG9 / SMC
1K453000 IP20 protection flap for SO9 range
1K460000 Assembling on Relays SC
1K470000 Assembling on SC 125 A relays
Assembling costs (screw set included)
1LW00000 Assembling of Relay / Radiator
1LWD0000 Assembling of Radiator /Adaptor DIN
Set of screws  
1LK00100 Assembling SC-SF-SV8 / heatsink or SC-SV8 / 1LD12020
1LK00200 Assembling SG-SVT-SV9 / heatsink or 1LD00500
1LK00300 Radiator Assembling /1LD00400 or SC-SV8 / 1LD00000
1LK00500 IP20 protection flap on output with mounting (SO9 range)
1LK00600 IP20 protection flaps on output and input with mounting (SO9 range)
1LK00700 Special kit for high current (okpac range)
Varistors (external)
3F127500 Varistor for system 230Vac
3F246000 Varistor for system 400vac
3F335000 Varistor 510V Size 14
Thermal grease tube
5TH15000 Usable for 30 relays SG/SVT or 60 relays SC/SV8
5TH21000 Thermal Pad
5TH23000 Adhesive Thermal Pad, 1 roll of 1000 pieces for SC/SO
1LWP2300 Assembling costs 5TH23000 on relay incl. 5TH23 pad
5TH24000 Adhesive Thermal Pad, 1 roll of 2500 pieces for SA/SU
1LWP2400 Assembling costs 5TH24000 on relay incl. 5TH24 pad