Parker Lucifer Vietnam Correct: E133K04A16A + 481865C2
Parker Lucifier vale include coil
Valve part no: E133K04 A16 A
Coil part no: 121K0250
Ren Diameter: 14mm)
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Busch Vietnam One unit Busch R5 re-circulation rotary vane vacuum pump.
Type: RA 0305 D (RA0305D)
Nominal displacement : 300 m3/hr
Ultimate pressure : 0.1 mbar, absolute
Nominal motor rating : 7.5 kw, 3 x 400V (+/- 10%), 50 Hz
Approximate weight including packing : 220 kg
Including : inlet filter housing with paper filter element.
(Model: R5 A016 (R5A016)
Công suất 300m3/h. điện thế 5,5KW, 3pha 380V, 50HZ)
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Opkon Vietnam ELPT-100 (ELPT-100)
Opkon Vietnam ELPT-100 (ELPT-100)
P+F Vietnam Correct: NBB4-12GM30-E2-V1
(Sensor, PNP, 10-30V.
Model: NBB4-12M-E2-V1(Y89554))
P+F Vietnam Model: NBB4-12GM50-E2-V1
P+F Vietnam Inductive sensor, 10-30V.
Model: NBN4-F29-E2-V3-G-0.5M.
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TPC Vietnam Model: JD-1805E1  
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P+F Vietnam Model: NBB4-12GM50-E2-V1
Baumer Vietnam 3/42NPT-Thermowell
Tax50-138-90-6, 0,100°C
Note: Kindly advise the length required for Item 1 because we are not able decipher the codes provided. 
Baumer Vietnam Pressure switch
0-20 barg
RPPN CA8 205
Siemens Vietnam 3RG60123AD00
Omron Vietnam Model: S82J-6212
Power supply
Input: AC200-240V
50/60Hz   0.6A
Output: DC 12V 2.1A
Omron Vietnam Model: S82J-6524
Power supply
Input: AC200-240V
50/60Hz  0.8A
Output: DC 12V  0.8A
Omron Vietnam Model: EE SX670A
Omron Vietnam Model: E5CX
Han Young Vietnam Model: DX2-KMWNR
Weights: 2kg/4pcs
Autonics Vietnam Model: TZ4ST-14S
Autonics Vietnam Model: FD 620-10
Siemens Vietnam Động cơ điện rot lồng sóc
Loại: 1LE1002-1BB22-2FA0
Công suất: 4 KW
Tốc độ đầu ra: 1440 V/ph (motor 4 cực)                         
Frame size: 112 M
Vị trí lắp đặt:  Mặt bích ( IMB5 )
Điện áp:  230 VΔ-400 VY/3pha/50Hz/IP55/ClassF
Reinhardt Vietnam Code: 03220200
scraper ring
Reinhardt Vietnam Code: 03069300
Alpha-Mix, complete
Reinhardt Vietnam Code: 03066700
Mixing blade axle
Reinhardt Vietnam Replaced by: 03292000
Z-swivel joint
(Code: 3290000)
Reinhardt Vietnam Code: 03200000
extrusion pistol
Traco Power Vietnam 308400500070
Model: TXL 100-0522T1  (TXL100-0522T1)
SN: 07069327 76-021R
Input: 100-240VAC 3MAX/4>-63HZ,
Output: 100W MAX 5.0VDC/12.0A
Weight: Less than 2kg for 2 sets
Leroy Somer Motor LS LEROY SOMER,3~LS80L-T,
MotoVario Hop so MOTOVARIO,N:9619449,Type:NMRV:050,u=10,
MotoVario Motovario T80B4,TC411,TROP1 C1-015999,0017,0.75KW,380V,2.1A,1420r/min+
MotoVario Hop so MOTOVARIO,N:9619449,Type:NMRV:050,u=10,
B&M Motor B&M,MilanoTIPO:BM 80B4/B14,
MotoVario Hop so MOTOVARIO,N:5127036,
B&M Motor B&M,MilanoTIPO:BM 90L4/B5,
MotoVario Hop so MOTOVARIO,N:5137570,
NKS Vietnam Pressure Gauge
Model: GK33-173
Size: 50 DIA, Type A
Pressure range: 0 ~0.2 Mpa
Connection: R1/4 (PT)
NKS Vietnam Pressure Gauge
Model: GK33-173
Size: 50 DIA, Type A
Pressure range: -0.1 ~0 Mpa
Connection: R1/4 (PT)
IXYS Vietnam IXYS Dios 3 phase,
Model VU036-12-N07
Weight: 1kg/pc
Tescom - Asco vietnam S-Series Pressure Switch
Serial: T557824
Code: SA12D
Moxa Vietnam Moxa Modbus/IP - MB3180
Moxa Vietnam Moxa Modbus/IP - MB3180
Moxa Vietnam Moxa Modbus/IP - MB3180