GF Vietnam Correct: 3-8750-1P
(Signet instrument 8750)
GF Vietnam Correct: 3-2760-11
(Signet preamplifier 2760)
GF Vietnam Correct: 3-2764-1
(Signet electrodes 2764-2767)
GF Vietnam Correct: 3-2767-1
(Signet electrodes 2764-2767)
GF Vietnam Model: 3-8250-2
One input with 4 to 20 mA output and two relays
1. CONFIRMED:  transmitter 3-8250-2 connected to sensor: 3-2450-1L DO NOT NEED CONVETER; DIRECTLY CONNECTED IS OKAY;
2. CALBE GLANGE & CABLE : have to buy it ourselves 
Moxa Vietnam Code: MB3180
Eliweli Vietnam Model: EW282
Mitsubishi Vietnam Code: HC-KFS43
Brahma Vietnam Code: 13762002
E6G*SR10*1/2*GMO SOLEN. VALVE 230/50-60
Baumer Vietnam Code: BHF03.25W100-L2-9 
Baumer Vietnam Code: BHF03.25W200-L2-9
Lambda-TDK-Densi Vietnam Model: LS150-12
(LS150 220VAC/12VDC)
Lambda-TDK-Densi Vietnam Model: LS150-24
Sinfonia Technology Vietnam Model: PCM-102
Panasonic Vietnam Replaced by: MX9G10B
Note: Pls confirmed the Motor code ; must changed whole sets
Panasonic Vietnam Replaced by: M9IX40GD4W2
Note: Pls confirmed the reducer code ; must changed whole sets
  clearly confirm before order
Heidenhain Vietnam ID: 385424-33
ERN 420 2048 01 -03 K 1,00 02 68A46 66 01
(Code: ERN 420 2048 01 -03)
  clearly confirm before order
Panasonic Vietnam Code: M61A6GD4W1
Note: Discontinued; Now Still On Stock
Panasonic Vietnam Replaced by: M61X6GD4W2
(Code: M61A6GD4W1)
  clearly confirm before order
Panasonic Vietnam Code: MSMD082P1U
  clearly confirm before order
Mitsubishi Vietnam Code: MR-J3-700B
Mitsubishi Vietnam Code: HC-SFS-152
Panasonic Vietnam Code: MHMD042P1U
Panasonic Vietnam Code: MBDDT2210053