Elcometer Vietnam G114--2 Elcometer 114 dewpoint calculator
(Elcometer 114 Dew Point Caculator)
Elcometer Vietnam A456CFNFBS Elcometer 456 coating
thickness gauge with probe P/N: T456CF2S
and T456CN2S
range 0-5000micron
Elcometer Vietnam E123A---3M Elcometer 123 surface profile gauge
(Elcometer 123 Surface Profile Gauge
Part number: E123A---M)
Elcometer Vietnam G212---1 Elcometer 212 digital pocket
thermometer with liquid probe
(Elcometer 212 Digital Pocket Thermometer with surface probe
Part number: G212-----2A)
Elcometer Vietnam G116C---1 Bacharach wirbelhygrometer - metrisch ˚C
(Elcometer 116C)
Elcometer Vietnam B112---1 Elcometer hexagonal wet film combe (0 - 3000μm)
(Elcometer 112-Hexagonal stainless Steel Wet Film Comb (range 0-5000 micron))
Elcometer Vietnam K0001542M001 Elcometer 1542 cross hatch adhe tester (6X1mm)1 0 - 60μm
Elcometer Vietnam K0001540M001 Elcometer 1540 cross cut tester
Elcometer Vietnam Dolly with Elcometer 108 Hydraulic Adhension Tester
T1089646 standard flat dolly 19.4mm
Elcometer Vietnam E122---C1 Elcometer 122X Coarse
(Elcometer 122 X-Coarse 38 - 115µm (1.5 - 4.5mils))
Elcometer Vietnam E125---1 Elcometer 125 surface comprator (for steel grit)
Elcometer 125 Surface comparators
Elcometer Vietnam E125---2 Elcometer 125 surface comprator (for steel shot)
Elcometer Vietnam K0001539M001 Adhesive tape (1roll)
ASTM D 3359
(Adhesion tape  Elcometer 99)
Elcometer Vietnam Elcometer 1541 Single Blade Cutter