Yamatake Vietnam New substituted version SDC26  C26TCOUA1200 same all just have more functions 
Balluff Vietnam BES R03KC-NSC30F-BV
Balluff Vietnam BESM18MI-PSC80B-S04K
IFM Vietnam IGT202
IFM sensor
Condor-Werke Vietnam Condor Pressure Switch
Replaced by: MDR-F 8 Y-S
(Part No: 1090400084
Type: FF4-8DAY (0.5-83))_ MDR-F8Y-S
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Siemens Vietnam Battery Siemens 6ES5980-OMA11
Norgren Vietnam Pressure Switch Series 33D
Model: 0863042
Siemens Vietnam AUMA Actuator
SAR 07.5/E32 GFM125.3 VZ 4.3
Com. No. 13048866 
Schneider Vietnam NS250H fisso ant 3P STR22SE 250A
Code: 31790  
Schneider Vietnam NS400H fisso ant 400A 3P senza sganc.
Code: 32404
Schneider Vietnam NS320H-320A, 3 poles   
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Schneider Vietnam NS500H-500A, 3 poles      
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HANKISON Vietnam Level Switch (Float)
505SS (505-SS)
S/N: 0505-2-111
GE Vietnam Audible Alarm
AC/DC 24V, IEC 947-5-1; VDE 0660; Uimp  4KV
Model: P9XBD
Code: 185773
GE Vietnam Pushbutton mushroom head
Ø 40 mm, style : plastic, round, red mushroom head complete with 2 NC contact blocks
Model: P9XEM4RN + 2x P9B01VN
Code: 185041 +187001
GE Vietnam Pushbutton with flush cap
Ø 40 mm, style : plastic, round, green cap complete with 2 NO contact blocks
Model: P9MPNVG + 2x P9B10VN
Code: 185002+187001
Swagelok Vietnam Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting, Pipe Plug, 1/4 in. Male NPT
Swagelok Vietnam Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting, Pipe Plug, 1/2 in. Male NPT SS-8-P
KONAN-Denki Vietnam Solenoid valve S303XH16V3BC9E
24V 9W
Weight/ Dims.: approx. 10-16 lbs gross
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