HoneyWell Vietnam Impact Pro, certified UL/CSA/MED, Portable multi-gas (up to 4
gas) monitor, Integral Pump
Model: HW-2302B20009UE
HoneyWell Vietnam Honeywell Lumidor Impact and Impact Pro Sensor Cartridges
Sensor Type: 24-month disposable cartridge (Fits Lumidor
Impact or Impact Pro only)
Sensor: 4 gas: Oxygen, Flammable, Carbon Monoxide,
Hydrogen Sulfide
Model: HW-2302BCD42FCHO
HoneyWell Vietnam Honeywell Enforcer Automatic Calibrator
Basic Enforcer / does not include multigas cylinder
Model: HW-2302B0650
HoneyWell Vietnam Gas Bottle regulator (0.3 ltr/min) Preset flow rate (Series 715)
Model: HW-235-285-085
HoneyWell Vietnam Wire Transfer Fee
Festo Vietnam Correct: SME-10F-DS-24V-K2,5L-OE
Code: 525913
IXYS Vietnam Half Controlled Single Phase Rectifier Bridge with Freewheeling Diode
Model: VHF 28-12io5 237H
Weight: about 1 kg