Sick Vietnam Connector
M 12, 4-pin, straight, 2m PVC-Cable
Type: DOL-1204-G02M (DOL-1204-G 02 M)
Part-no.: 6009382 
TMtech Vietnam TMtech THL280 Hardness tester
Tantronic Vietnam 00-68-31685-A
Diaphragm Pump 24V PPB D
Free Flow: Max. 6L/min
Power supply: 24V DC
Max.Consump.: 20W
Dimension: 112mm x 107mm x 92mm
Weight: 1kg
Tantronic Vietnam 00-68-31493-A
Diaphragm Pump 24V DC TGF
Free Flow: Max. 2L/min
Power supply: 24V DC
Max.Consump.: 2W
Dimension: 52 x 70 x 38mm
Weight: 0.3 kg
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IFM Vietnam PE7003 (PE 7003)
senser áp lực 2 đầu ra 0n/0f
IFM Vietnam Replced by: PI2993
(PI 2953    
Senser áp lực 1 đầu ra 0n/0f   va mot dau ra 4-20mA)
IFM Vietnam Replced by: PI7993 (PI 7993) 
(PI 2953    
Senser áp lực 1 đầu ra 0n/0f   va mot dau ra 4-20mA)
Model: VLS5000-1-B-1-F-S-B (VLS 5000 1B1FSB)
Wetted parts material: SS316
Explosion proof: Class I, Groups A,B,C,D;
Class II, Groups E,F,G; NEMA 4X
Electronic connection: ½”NPT(F)
Power supply: 220VAC
Contact form: one SPDT
Contact rating: 20A/125VAC, 12A/250VAC
Working temperature: -30ºC~+80ºC
Working pressure: max. 100 kg/cm²
Fluid: Please advise us.
Density: Please advise us.
Connection size: 1½”NPT(M)
Insertion length: 130mm, standard
Vaisala Vietnam Humidity Transmitter
Vaisala Vietnam Temperature Transmitters
DTR502B (Radiation shield with mounting kit)
IFM Vietnam IFM inductive sensors for hygienic and wet areas
Model: IGT205
IFM Vietnam IFM inductive sensors
Model: IIT200
Siemens Vietnam Siemens contactor
Model: 3RT1044-1AB00
Moxa Vietnam NPort 5210
2-port RS-232 serial device servers
ESI - SIF Vietnam Power fuse (sif)
12KV, 200A, 31.5KV
Code: 10.012.200
Imin: 800A
(Un: 12kV; Imin: 800A; In:200A; I1: 50 kA)
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Motovario Vietnam Correct: NMVR 050, 71B5;  Dm14; D=Φ 24; I=15A
(Model: NMR V050
I = 15,
Duong kinh truc dau vao Φ = 14
Duong kinh truc dau ra  Φ = 24)
Motovario Vietnam Model: TXF002
Xingguang Vietnam Model: JWB-XO-75B-40D
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Festo Vietnam Code: 163337
Type: DNC-40-25-PPV-A (DNC 40*25 PPV-A)
Festo Vietnam Code: 196034
Type: DSNU-40-100-PPV-A
Festo Vietnam CYLINDER DSNU 32*75 PPV-A (193992-A446)
Note: Please confirm the code
Festo Vietnam Code: 163377
Type: DNC-50-250-PPV-A (DNC 50*250 PPV-A)
Festo Vietnam Code: 163339
Type: DNC-40-50-PPV-A (DNC 40*50 PPV-A)
Fema Vietnam Sensor FEMA DDCM662
Pressure adjustment range: 0,01...0,06bar
Switching differential: 0,015bar
Max. pressure: 1,5bar
Sensing element material: Perbunan + Aluminium
Fema Vietnam DCM06
Fixed pressure hysteresis
Pressure adjustment range: 0,1...0,6bar
Adjustable switching differential: no
Switching differential: 0,04bar
Max. pressure: 6bar
Sensing element material: Copper + Brass
Eaton - Cutler Hammer Vietnam Battery Charger:
Style: 4A55505H01
Input: 120-240VAc, 1 phase, 50/60Hz,
Output: 12 or 24 VDC, 10 Amps
Battery A/hr: 200
SG: 1.265-1.285 Cells-6/12
Eaton - Cutler Hammer Vietnam Pressure Transducer:
Style: corrected 4A55111H02  (4A55511H02)
Supply: 7-35 V d.c.
Out put : 4-20 MA
Range : 0 – 600 PSI G
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Parker Vietnam Coil, Fluid control solenoid valve
Type: 495915C2
Voltage: 24 V DC
Size: 40, IP67
Power: 14W
Parker Vietnam Coil, Fluid control solenoid valve
Type: 495880C2
Voltage: 24 V DC
Size: 32, IP65
Power: 14W
Max Vietnam Replaced by: LM-390A
(Max electronic lettering machine
Model: LM-380A)
Max Vietnam Replaced by: LM-380E
(Max electronic lettering machine
Model: LM-380A)
Nieaf Vietnam Nieaf-instruments current clamps
Model: NI 349PR
Nieaf Vietnam Nieaf smitt Thermal camera
Model: NI IR2010
Phenix Vietnam Model: 4120-5ST-60
These systems are designed as modular, stackable assemblies consisting of two 60 kVDC, 5 mA sections providing stepless DC output voltage. 
The polarity may be changed by physically rotating the output modules. 
This test set design allows for additional modules to be added later for increased voltage testing capacity.
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Phenix Vietnam Portable DC Hipot
Model: 4120-10
Phenix Technologies offers a line of DC Hipots that are lightweight, compact, and ruggedly built for use in the lab or field for accurate testing of electrical switchgear, cables, motors, generators, and protective equipment. Five models are available with outputs of 0-40 kV, 0-75 kV, 0-100 kV, 0-120 kV and 0-160 kV.
Each model includes many advanced features including high accuracy digital meters, analog charging current-meter, and adjustable overcurrent and increased output current-ratings.
Establishing a consistent maintenance testing program reduces failures and extends equipment life. The Portable DC Hipots are described in Phenix brochure # 40105 completely
Model: 4120-5ST-60)
Phenix Vietnam GS100-2
100 kV DC Ground Stick (2 piece)
Phenix Vietnam DS100-2
100 kV DC Discharge Stick
Phenix Vietnam Foot Switch
Phenix Vietnam DC-Hipot Cart (Transportation Cart BK130 Style)
Megger Vietnam Insulation Tester
Model: S1-552/2
Megger Vietnam Megger Transformer Ohmmeter
Model: MTO210
Bernstein Vietnam Code: ENK-SU1Z  AHS-V      A
Bernstein Vietnam Code: D-UV11Z HTW 180GR HITZE      B
Festo Vietnam FRC-1/4-DB-7-MINI-H
Service unit
Part number: 537656
Takex - Takena Vietnam PHOTOSENSOR
Blue: 0V
Brown: 12 - 24V
Black: Output
Takex - Takena Vietnam PHOTOSENSOR
Blue: 0V
Brown: 12 - 24V
Black: Output
METTLER TOLEDO Vietnam Item No.: 59904724
(METTER 405-60-SC-P-PA-K19/20)
Schneider Vietnam TCSMCNAM3M002P
Cavo USB/RJ45
Ferrocontrol Vietnam Part no. : 377155
Output module
(Control Card  2416F2
Digout 2416F2
Part. No 113905
Ser: 204138
16dig output; U out 24VDC; Iout 0.5mA/max 2A
D-32049 Herford)
Ferrocontrol Vietnam Part no. : 377152
Entry card
(Control Card  2416
Digin  2416
Part. No : 113904
Ser: 203529
16dig intput; U in 24VDC; I in 0.5mA; 2w
D-32049 Herford)
Releco - Comat Vietnam INDUSTRIAL RELAY
Replaced by: C4-A40DX/DC24V
Releco - Comat Vietnam RELAISFASSUNG
Saginomiya Vietnam Replaced by: SNS-C110W
(Pressure switch
P/N: SNS-C110XW, range: 1-10 kgf/cm2)
Schmersal Vietnam Code: 101154221
AZ 16-12ZVRK-M16
AZ16-12ZVRK ( M16)
Schmersal Vietnam AZ15/16-B2
corrected BETAETIGER  AZ 15/16-B2 KPL.
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