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Since its inception in 1962, OMEGA has grown from manufacturing a single product line of thermocouples to an established global leader in the technical marketplace, offering more than 100,000 state-of-the-art products for measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH and conductivity. OMEGA also provides customers with a complete line of data acquisition, electric heating and custom engineered products.

For the past three decades our handbooks have served as valuable reference tools for engineers around the world. And though we are an established direct-marketing pioneer, our people, facilities and superior client services go well beyond the OMEGA handbooks.

It is our commitment to quality instrumentation and exceptional customer service that has remained the cornerstone of our success. OMEGA's priority is clear. Our facilities exist to "facilitate" solutions to your needs.

OMEGA Southeast Asia offers thousands of items, many with CSA/UL/CE approvals, in stock for fast off-the-shelf delivery. At OMEGA Southeast Asia you will find: Technical Assistance, Sales, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Repair, and local pricing and invoicing for the entire range of products on Temperature Measurement and Controls, Data Acquisition, pH and Conductivity, Enviromental Monitoring, Flow and Level, Pressure and Strain, and Electric Heaters. Come and visit our showroom!


Temperature Products

Thermocouple Probes with M8 Molded Connectors

The M8M series thermocouples, with their small diameter probes and M8 connectors, can be used where other sensors can't and have a minimum impact on the thermal environment that you are measuring. These thermocouple sensors are available in type J with 304 stainless steel sheaths, or in type K with inconel 600 sheaths.

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Thermocouple Product Finder

Thermocouple Selection Guide

Magnetic Thermocouples

Thermocouple Probes with Attached Connectors

High Temperature Thermocouples and Exotic Thermocouples
Probe Configurator

Fine Gage Bare Wire and Insulated Thermocouples

Washer Assemblies, Cement-On and Self-Adhesive Thermocouples

PFA Coated Thermocouple

Thermowells and Head & Well Assemblies
Head & Well Configurator

Metal and Plastic Protection Heads

Ceramic Fiber Insulated Thermocouple Elements

PFA Coated/Solid Thermowells
Head & Well Assemblies - General Information

Connection Head Terminal Blocks

Head & Well Thermocouple Elements

RTD (PT100) Probes, Elements and Assemblies
RTDs Product Finder

Quick Disconnect RTD Probes

Handle Probes

RTD Elements with Lead Wires Attached

RTD Extension Cable
RTD Selection Guide

General Purpose RTD Probes

Industrial RTD Probes

Wall Mount RTD Sensor

Thermistor Elements, Probes and Assemblies
Thermistor Applications and Selection Guide

General Purpose Thermistor Probes

Thermistor Elements with Lead Wires Attached

Precision and Specialized Thermistor Probes

Thermistor Elements
Quick Disconnect Thermistor Probes

Wall Mount Thermistor Sensor

Surface Measurement Thermistor Elements

Solid State Temperature Sensors

Glass Bulb and DialTemp™ Thermometers
Glass Bulb Thermometers - Introduction and Calibration

Glass Bulb Thermometer Accessories

Vapor and Gas Actuated Thermometers
Glass Thermometers

DialTemp™ Thermometers
Indicating Labels, Crayons, Cements and Lacquers
Reversible Temperature Indicating Labels

Temperature Indicating Lacquers

Reversible Humidity Indicating Cards

Thermocoat Cement and Lacquer Kit
Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL® Temperature Labels

OMEGAMARKER® Temperature Crayon Test Kit

OMEGABOND® High Temperature Cements and Epoxies

Thermocouple Assembly Kit
Connectors and Panel Systems
Video Tutorials

Low-Noise Miniature and Standard Size Thermocouple Connectors

Universal Thermocouple Connectors

4-Prong Dual Circuit Thermocouple Connectors

High Temperature Ceramic Connectors
Connector Selection Guide and Dimensions

Miniature Size Thermocouple Connectors and Accessories

Standard Size Thermocouple Connectors and Accessories

Miniature and Standard Connectors with Molded-In Ferrite Cores

Wire: Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor and Hook-Up
Uninsulated Bare Fine Gage Thermocouple Wire

Ceramic Sleeving and PFA Tubing

Thermocouple & RTD Wire

Wire Overbraiding

Multipair Cables
Resistance Heating Wire

Insulated, Single Strand Thermocouple Wire

Extension Wire

Extension Cables

Relative Humidity Measurement Instruments
Humidity Product Finder

Pocket Testers

Humidity Generators, Dewpoint Meters, Chilled Mirrors and Calibrators

Humidity, Humidity/Temp Dewpoint Recorders

Humidity/Temperature, Data loggers
Handheld Humidity and Temperature Instruments

Humidity and Humidity/Temperature Transmitters and Signal Conditioners

Humidity Controllers and Analyzers

Wind and Weather Stations, Rain Gauges
Infrared Temperature Measurement Instruments
Infrared Measurement Product Finder

SUPERMETER™ Multimeter/Thermometer

Handheld Infrared Thermocouples

Stick-Type Light Meters

Infrared Thermocouples
Infrared Reference

OMEGASCOPE® Handheld Infrared Thermometers

Pocket/Stick-Type Infrared Thermometers

Handheld Infrared Thermometers

Precision Calibration Equipment and Ice Point References
Calibrator Product Finder

Infrared Blackbody Calibrators

Thermocouple-to-Analog Converters

hot point® Dry Block Probe Calibrators

Fluidized Sand Bath Probe Calibrators
Calibrator Selection Guide

ice point™ Reference Chambers

Cold Junction Compensation and Ice Point Reference Equipment

Muffle Furnaces

Handheld Instruments for Temperature Measurement
Handheld Meters Product Finder

SUPERMETER™ DMM/ Thermometers with Infrared Measurement

Handheld RTD Thermometer

Handheld Dataloggers

Stick-Type/Pocket Thermometers
Handheld Thermometer Selection Guide

Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer

Handheld Thermistor Thermometer

Wind Speed/Temperature Meters

Temperature & Process Meters, Industrial Timers and Counters
Meters Product Finder

Meters with Programmable Multicolored Displays


Multi-Input Indicators and Scanners

Wall Mount Indicators
Panel Meter Selection Guide

Temperature/Process Panels Meters

Large Displays

Benchtop Meters

Signal Conditioners

Loop Powered Indicators

High Isolation Rugged Transmitters

Modular Transmitters

Alarm Module Isolator and Intrinsic Safety Barrier
Transmitter Selection Guide

Miniature Transmitters

Smart and Programmable Transmitters

Thermocouple Amplifiers

Radio Telemetry Systems, Environmental Transmitters and Power Supplies
Temperature and Process Controllers and Power Switching Devices
Temperature Controller Product Finder

Autotune Controllers with Programmable Multicolored Display

1/8 DIN Autotune Controllers

1/4 DIN Controllers

Multi-loop Controllers
Controller Selection Guide

1/32 and 1/16 DIN and Other Sized Autotune Controllers

Family Series of Autotune Controllers

Benchtop and Wallmount Controllers

General Test and Measurement Instruments
SUPERMETER™ DMM/Thermometer with Infrared Measurement


Clamp-On Digital Multimeters

Stick-type Portable Megohmmeter

Handheld Gauss Meters
DIN Rail Mount Conditioners

Digital Multimeters

AC/DC Current Probes

Light Meters and Sound Meters

Recorders Product Finder

Paperless Recorders

Vertical Chart Recorders

Y-X Chart Recorders

Recorder Selection Guide

Hybrid Recorders

Flatbed Chart Recorders

Circular Chart Recorders
Superconductivity and Cryogenics Temperature Measurement
Superconductive Wire and CY7 Series Cryogenic Temperature Sensors

Platinum Resistance Sensors, Silicon Diode Accessories and Constant Current Power Supplies

CYC320 Series Autotune Controllers


Pressure, Strain & Force Products
Submersible Pressure Transmitters, Lightning Protection Optional, Level Transmitters, Depth Transmitters

The PX709GW Series submersible level/depth transducers and transmitters are designed to make precision level or depth measurements in fresh water or liquids compatible with 316 SS reliably for years in harsh industrial environments. Their 1.0" dia. fits most down hole well applications.

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Pressure Transducers
Millivolt Output Pressure Transducers

Current Output Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

Specialty Pressure Transducers
Voltage Output Pressure Transducers

Differential Pressure Transducers

Sanitary - Clean In Place (CIP) Pressure Tranducers
Connectors for Transducers

Power Supplies

Pressure Feedthroughs

Signal Conditioners
Adaptors, Reducing Bushings and Pressure Snubbers

Bridge/Load Cell Amplifiers

Transmitters and Radio Telemetry for Bridges, Process and Temperature

Solid State Relays and Pump Control Modules
Instrumentation for Pressure and Strain Measurements
Digital Meters and Controllers

Pressure and Process Calibration Equipment

Process Instruments and Controllers

Handheld and Portable Pressure Instruments

Pressure and Process Recorders

Data Acquisition Systems and Signal Conditioners
Strain Gages, Accessories and Instrumentation
General Purpose Strain Gages

Karma Strain Gages

Strain Gage Instruments
Transducer Quality Strain Gages

Strain Meters

Strain Gage Accessories
Load Cells, Force Sensors and Torque Transducers
Handheld Digital Force Gages

Subminiature and Miniature Tension/Compression Load Cells

Tension Link Load Cells

Beam, Shear Beam and Double Beam Load Cells

Single Point and Platform Load Cells
Subminiature and Miniature Compression Load Cells

"S" Type Load Cells

Low Force Sensors

Tank and Bin Weighing Hardware and Summing Accessories

Pressure Gauges
2" and 2 1/2" Commercial Grade Gauges

3" Pocket Test and Low Pressure Gauges

4 1/2" and 6" Process and Differential Gauges

Deadweight Testers and Gauge Calibrators
2 1/2" and 3 1/2" General Service Gauges

Liquid Filled Gauges

Digital Pressure Gauges

Isolating Diaphragm Seals
Pressure Switches
Economical Industrial Switches

Low Pressure Switches

NEMA-4/NEMA-4X Harsh Environment Switches

NEMA-7 and Hazardous Location Pressure Switches
Miniature Pressure Switches

General Purpose Industrial Pressure Switches

Solid State and Digital Pressure Switches

Accessories for Pressure Switches
Displacement and Proximity Transducers
Analog and Digital Gaging Probes

AC LVDT Sensors

AC LVDT Instrumentation

Non-Contact Displacement Sensors
Instruments for Analog and Digital Gaging Probes

DC LVDT Sensors

Linear Potentiometers

Proximity Sensors and Testers
Dynamic Measurement
Accelerometers and Vibration Transducers

Power Supplies and Cables
Dynamic Pressure and Force Sensors

Handheld and Panel Meters
Valves, Regulators and I/P Converters
I/P Converters

Proportioning Control Valves
Pressure Regulators and Volume Controllers

Solenoid Valves
What's New in Pressure, Strain, and Force Products!
Book of Books Highlights
OP Classic Books

Electrical Engineering

Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

General Engineering

Training Videos
Pressure Reference Section
Pressure Reference Section (Glossary)

Pressure Transducer Application Considerations

Hazardous Location Classifications


Beam Diagrams and Formulas
Pressure Reference Section, Pressure Measurement (Describes How Sensors are Built)

Pressure Reference Section, Technical Data Section (Conversion Charts)

Pressure Transducers Installation and Use

Mounting and Installing Load Cells



Flow & Level Products
Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter

The FD-400 Series ultrasonic doppler flowmeters measure the flow of liquids that contain sound reflectors, suspended solids, or gas bubbles larger than 100 microns. These sophisticated instruments automatically adjust filtering and gain settings to produce reliable readings in a wide range of liquid and reflector conditions.

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Variable Area Flowmeters, Rotameters & Switches

Piston Type Flowmeters

Variable Area Meters with Analog Output

Thermal Flow Switches

Flow Indicators with Optional Pulse Output
Variable Area Flowmeters

Variable Area Meters with Optional Alarm

Flowmeters with Analog Output

Mechanical Flow Switches

Hyrdaulic Testers
Air Velocity Indicators & Wind Tunnels
CFM Indicating Anemometers


Portable Air Velocity Kits
Hygro-Thermometer Anemometers

Benchtop Windtunnels

In-Line Flowmeters
Electronic Mass Flowmeters
Mass Flow Controllers

Mass Flow Meters

General Purpose Air Velocity Transducers
Economical Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Power Supplies

Compression Fitting Accessory
Doppler/Transit-Time Ultrasonics
Technical Reference - Ultrasonic/Doppler Flowmeters

Multi-Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeters
Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Transmitter Totalizer
Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flowmeters
Turbine Meters

Paddlewheel Sensors, Transmitters and Systems

Power Supplies

Positive Displacement Flowmeters for High Viscosity Fluids

Low Flow Sensors

Signal Conditioners
Vortex Shedding Flowmeters and Pitot Tubes
Vortex Meter and Pitot Tube Information Form/Questionnaire

Pitot Tube Selection Guide

Industrial Process Transmitters

Multifunction Flow Computers
Industrial Vortex Flowmeters

High Accuracy Pitot Tubes

Industrial Wet/Wet Differential Transmitter
Magnetic Flow Meters
Technical Reference - Magnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Insertion Magmeters

Process Meters
Solenoid Valves for Select Corrosives

Air Operated Diaphragm Valves

Ball Valves

Proportional Valves
General Purpose Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valve Timers

Drain Valves

Manual Valves
Level Measurement
Continuous Float Type Level Transmitters and Point Level Indicator

Continuous Capacitive Level Transmitters

Continuous Radar Level Measurement

Capacitive and Conductance Point Level Switches

Buoyancy Level Switches
Continuous Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Continuous Pressure Level Transmitters

Ultrasonic Point Level Switches

Solid State Radio Frequency Level Switches

Pumps & Mixers
Gear Pumps

Drum Pumps

Hose Couplings

Chemical Metering Pumps

Rubber Impeller Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps and Motors

Peristaltic Pumps

Static Mixers

Tube Fittings
Instrumentation and Accessories
Indicators, Totalizers, Batch Controllers and Signal Conditioners

Process Controllers

Cables and Accessories
Flow Computer

Electronic Simulators and Calibrators


pH & Conductivity Products
OMEGAETTE pH and Conductivity Testers

The PHH-7011, PHH-7200 and CDH-7021 are easy to use and feature replaceable sensors. The PHH-7200 can measure pH or conductivity and will automatically recognize which sensor is installed. Each kit comes in a convenient carrying case with buffer or standard solutions for easy calibration.

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pH Field and Laboratory Instrumentation
Pocket pH and Temperature Testers

Benchtop pH and Ion Meters
Handheld and Portable pH Meters
pH Field and Laboratory Electrodes
Electrode Selection Guide

pH/ORP Electrodes for Laboratory and Field

Preamplified pH Electrodes
Adaptors and Accessories

Ion Selective Electrodes

pH Buffers and Indicating Papers
Industrial pH Instrumentation and Electrodes
Technical Reference - Industrial pH Instrumentation and Electrodes

Panel Mount Controllers and Meters

Transmitters and Signal Conditioners

Industrial Electrodes

Controllers and Recorders Systems

Wall Mount Controllers and Meters

Current Isolator and Alarm Module

Electronic Calibrators
Conductivity Instrumentation
Technical Reference - Conductivity Instrumentation

Benchtop Meters

Conductivity and Resistivity Transmitters and Electrodes
Pocket and Handheld Meters

Controllers and Analyzers

Calibration Instrumentation and Solutions
Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Instrumentation
Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Controller/Meters for Dissolved Oxygen
Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Water and Soil Analysis Instrumentation
Portable and Benchtop Multi-Parameter Water Test Instruments

Process Ozone, Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide Analyzers

Water Test Methods Technical Section

Portable Soil Testing Kits
Portable and Continuous-Monitoring Turbidity Indicators

Portable Colorimeters

Portable Water Analysis Testing Kits


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