racing Device & Measuring Instrument
Uninterruptible Leak Point Tracing Device
Detection of leak points under uninterrupted power conditions
Detection of leak points (places) in pressure and earth phases through the signal injection method.
Easy detection of leak points by simply touching wires or equipment with the receiver.

Wired Route Tracing Device (With an Earth-Leakage Point Locating Function)
Locating of earth-leakage points (with the power stopped)
Tracing of breakers and wired routes both in live lines and dead lines
Circuit voltage indicating function <100V, 200V or 400V is judged by the transmitter atone.>

Conductivity checking function <Conductivity is checked by inserting the attached cord with a test lead bar into the receiver.>

Easy judgment by sound and light.

Wired Route Tracing Device
Checking without cutting power because breakers can be traced in live lines
Easy assessment by sound and light.

Wired Route Tracing Device
(Two-Way Between Power Supply Side And Load Side)

One person can easily check the load-side (distribution board side)connections from the power supply side (transformer side) both in live lines and dead lines.

Tracing on the power supply side can also be performed from the load side.
Easy assessment using sound and light.

Low-Voltage Phase Sequence Indicator

Simply connect the lead wire clips to a main circuit so that the phase sequences and open phases can be easily checked.

This lightweight (130g) and compact (28x60X100mm) checker is pocketable.

Since the connections between the lead wires and main unit are safely constructed so that the live side is a plug-socket type, live parts are not exposed even if the socket is disconnected by chance.

Lamp indication of measurement results allows reliable judgment.

The maul unit requiring no batteries for measurement and indication. is economical. At check time, however, circuit voltage needs to be applied.

Harmonic Tracing Device

This lightweight handy type is convenient for carrying and simple to handle! (Weight: approx. 310g)

The presence or absence of harmonics can be scanned safely and accurately on high-voltage and lbw-voltage equipment in live lines.

The second to 40th harmonic current content and total distortion factor are calculated by 512-point fast-Fourier-transform, and are displayed and stored in memory. (Up to 40th harmonic current can be scanned in a few seconds.)

Fast-Fourier-transform calculation is optimized by setting to 50 or 60Hz commercial frequency with the frequency selector switch.

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