Delta F DF-110E

The DF-110E offers a flexible and cost-effective way to include superior oxygen analysis in your OEM system. The DF-110E is calibrated to standards traceable to NIST and operated for several days to ensure flawless performance out-of-the-box. Depending on the application, the sensor can operate for years without recalibration and requires only the occasional addition of distilled water for maintenance.

  • Instantaneous response to oxygen change- less than 10 seconds to read 90% of a step change
  • Flexibility - put together the exact configuration you need to include in your system
  • Performance - the analyzer is delivered ready to use
  • Low/No Maintenance - no recalibration - no sensor replacement necessary
  • STAB-EL™ option eliminates acid scrubbing for trace level measurements


Ranges are available from 0-10 ppm to 0-25%
Sample Gas Compatibility
STANDARD SENSOR: All inert and passive gases including N2, CO, H2, Ar, freons, hydrocarbons, etc.
SENSOR WITH Stab-El™ OPTION: Neutralizes trace contaminants including acids such as CO2, H2S, NOX, SOX, etc. (Consult Delta F for concentration limits.)


Oxygen Alarms
Stab-El™ Acid Gas System
Remote Operation
Remote Sensor
Flow Alarm
Three Range
Sample Pump

Accuracy (at constant temperature)

Greater of ±3% of reading or 0.5% of range

Response Time

Responds instantaneously to Oxygen change. Equilibrium depends on specific conditions. Typically <10 seconds to read 90% of a step change.

Sample Requirements

Gas phase, non-condensing, 0° to 150° F.
Flow should be 1.0 to 3.0 scfh at 0.2 to 1.0 psig pressure.


Operate between 0° and 45°C ambient (32° and 120° F)
115 VAC or 220 VAC at 25 Watts


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