Lowest Measured
482°F / 250°C
Highest Measured
5432°F / 3000°C
Operating Wavelengths 1.0 µm
1.6 µm

The Modline 6 line of high performance sensors features advanced signal processing and background-reflected energy compensation capabilities, and includes one-and two-color fiber optic IR devices designed for harsh operating environments.

The rugged Modline 6 Series thermometers deliver the best value in terms of price, performance, features and ease-of-use of any available fiber optic infrared thermometer. They are used in a variety of demanding industrial applications, including metal heat treating, steel production and foundries, as well as primary and secondary glass.

Modline 6 Sensor Features:

  • Rugged fiber optic measurement systems
  • External user interface for access to sensor settings and temperature indication from bright LED display
  • Several models: 62 Series, 6G Series, 6R Series (operates in 2 color mode or ratio mode)
  • 62 and 6G series with background compensation capabilities
  • Measurement of targets in harsh industrial environments that are otherwise inaccessible by non-fiber optic thermometers
  • Fiber cable rated to 315ºC (600ºF) ambient available on selected models
  • Simultaneous analog and digital outputs


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