Millenium 3 logic controller

 Millenium 3 logic controller

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, offers a wide range of

logic controllers


The Millenium 3 is the latest generation of micro-PLCs. It is easy to program (Ladder programming or using function blocks/Grafcet SFC), offers communication capabilities (via modem or network, with web supervision option) and has a wide range of accessories (display units, touch panels, sensors, power supplies)

These products are used in applications such as heating/air conditioning, access control, heat pumps, water and air treatment, waste treatment, lifting and handling, medical equipment and pump management


Choose a range

Millenium 3 Smart
Smart Compact range with display

Smart Expandable range with display

Smart range with Removable Terminal blocks

Smart Compact range without display

Smart Expandable range without display

Compact range starter kits

Expandable range starter kit

Application-specific and grouping adapted kits

Bare board version

Resin board version

Sandwich communication extensions

Application-specific analogue extensions

Digital sandwich extension

Digital extension
Millenium 3 Essential
Compact range with display

Expandable range with display

Compact range without display

Expandable range without display

Sandwich communication extensions

Analogue extension

Modem communication plug and play solutions
Millenium 3 accessories
Millenium Virtual Display beta version

Connection accessories

Programming tools and software

Removable connectors


MTP01 programmable touch panel

MTP05 & MTP05C programmable touch panels

Programmable panels

Remote LCD displays/keypads

Remote LED display - Input 0-10 V

NTC probe

LDR probe

Potentiometer Ø 22 mm

Signal converters

Temperature converters

Temperature probes

Temperature sensors

DC/DC converters

Millenium power supply

Millenium Supply switch mode power supply

Millenium Web Server