Jet Loader V and VC

MATSUI'S newly developed Jet Loader 4 V and Jet Loader 4 VC vacuum hopper loaders; offer real breakthroughs in productivity and efficiency.

MATSUI'S newly developed Jet Loader 4 V and Jet Loader 4 VC vacuum hopper loaders offer real breakthroughs in productivity and efficiency.

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Conventional vacuum loaders can be loud and inefficient. The brush type motors used have short life spans and produce high noise levels. The thin pancake type filter is exposed, allowing much of the dust to pollute the plant. Fines and dust also stick to the flapper door causing vacuum loss and other conveying problems. Correcting these problems usually requires a dangerous climb high onto the press.

The Jet Loader features a unique dual dust collection system that consists of one filter in the hopper, and one at the vacuum pump. This innovative dual system effectively removes dust and the problems it causes. It also helps double conveying capacity while using half the power consumed by conventional loaders.

But that's just the start. There are many more reasons to consider the jet loader your number one choice for a powerful trouble-free loading system.

Powerful Pump
Can handle the big jobs over long distances. The "brushless" motor is designed to last 10 years, and is available in sizes from 1 HP to 5 HP

Clean, Sealed Filtration
Keeps dust completely contained. Located at floor level, the filter is easily and safely cleaned.

Quiet Operation
The motor operates without brushes, so it's practically noise free. In fact, levels as low as 68 decibels have been recorded.

Saves Energy
Runs on three-phase power, drawing less amperage than conventional single-phase units.

Highly Versatile
The Jet Loader can be quickly moved to wherever it's needed. One Jet Loader can load two hoppers (VII Option). It can handle problem materials such as dusty regrind or processed resins. Different hoppers are available, including Mini "One-Shot" Hoppers and Jet Clones.

Jet Clone Vacuum Hopper

The standard vacuum hopper for the Jet Loader. The Jet Clone is used to load material hoppers and is available in 5-liter, 10-liter, and 20-liter capacities. Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum.
Mini Vacuum Hopper

The MVH is ideal for low volume conveying to press.  Minimizesresin exposure to ambient air and moisture.  Available in 3, 6, 9 and 18 liter units.  Constructed of stainless steeland aluminum.
Mini Vacuum Hopper (10L Option)

The MVH-10 is a 10-liter capacity "one-shot" hopper designed to mount on the press throat. A clear glass tube and a proximity sensor are used to maintain a minimum level of resin. Recommended for shots over one pound and for machines over 250 tons. Constructed of stainless steel.
Four-Port Valve (VC Option)
2,4,5 and 6 Port also available

The Four-Port Valve allows one Jet Loader to do the work of four. Switching on demand, vacuum is sequenced between four vacuum hoppers. Any combination of hoppers is possible.
Cyclone Seperator (VC Option)

The Cyclone Separator removes dust and fines from the air stream. Collected particles are dropped into a cup, which is easily cleaned. This separator is ideal for use with regrind or reprocessed resins. Reduces conveying problems and extends filter life. 

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