Flowline offers the best ultrasonic, float and pressure level measurement solutions for your chemical, water and wastewater tank requirements.

Ultrasonic Transmitters & Sensors

Offered in explosion proof, intrinsically safe and general purpose classifications, the non-contact sensors are ideal for corrosive, sticky and dirty liquids.

Float Sensors

Constructed of stainless for high temperature and pressure applications, the float sensors are perfect for water, diluted chemicals and light weight oils.

Pressure Sensors

Offered in submersible and external mount configurations, the general purpose transmitters are applied in air, water, diluted chemicals and wastewater.

Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Transmitters

  EchoSafe XP88/XP89 Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoTouch LU20 IS Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoTouch LU30 GP Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoSpan LU80/LU81/LU83/LU84 Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoSonic LU23/LU27/LU28/LU29 Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoSonic LU23/LU27/LU28/LU29 Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoPod DL34 Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoPod DL24 Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoPod DL14 Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoPod DL10 Ultrasonic Transmitter EchoPod DL10 Frequency/Voltage Ultrasonic Sensor
  EchoSafe EchoTouch EchoSpan EchoSonic EchoPod
Series XP88-89 LU20 LU30 LU80-84 LU23-29 LU23-29 DL34 DL24 DL14 DL10 DX10
Type Ultrasonic
Class XP IS GP
Range 32.8' (10m) 18' (5.4m) 24.5' (7.4m) 32.8' (10m) 18.0' (5.5m) 9.8' (3m) 49.2" (1.25m)
Output 4-20 mA 0-10V
Install Top Wall
Mounting 2" NPT / G 1", 2" NPT / G 2" NPT / G 1" NPT / G
Relay - - - (1) SPDT - - - (4) SPST - - -
Configuration Push Button WebCal Software
Temperature 140° F (60° C)
Pressure 30 PSI (2 bar)
Material PVDF


Contact Level Transmitters

  DeltaSpan LD30 External Pressure Transmitter DeltaSpan LD31 GP Submersible Pressure Transmitter DeltaSpan LD32 GP Submersible Pressure Transmitter DeltaSpan LD31 IS Submersible Pressure Transmitter DeltaSpan LD32 IS Submersible Pressure Transmitter
  FloaTek DeltaSpan
Series LV55 LD30 LD31 LD32 LD31 LD32
Type Float Pressure
Class GP IS
Range 6.5' (2m) 69' (21.1m) 46' (14m)
Output 4-20 mA
Install Top Wall External Submersible
Mounting 2" NPT - - -
Configuration Factory
Temperature 185° F (85° C) 200° F (93° C) 150° F (66° C) 200° F (93° C) 176° F (80° C)
Pressure 200 PSI (13.8 bar) 2 X Full Span
Material 316 SS


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