OP(M)18 Series
It is high performance, most popular sensor. The complementary type of switch output and optional bright/dark state constitutes the characteristics of...
OP(M)30 Series
OP(M)30 is high performance sensor . The outline dimension of 30 mm is of high universality on the market as well as in good conformity with industria...
OSQ18 Series
OSQ18 series of self-contained photoelectric sensors are a kind of photoelectric sensor with special outline and design. Its unique outline configura...
O(B)G18 Series
O(B)G18 series of cylinder sensors are compact type. It can be selected the manner of direct outlet or socket connector. The double push-pull output d...
Compact OS25 Series
Small size, saving installation space, external adjustable sensitivity.
Compact OS28 Series
Small size, adapted to a wide range of circumstances, excellent power of test, excellent detection for dark background.
Rectangular OS50 Series
OS50 series of rectangular sensor is one kind of economic product with small rectangular shape. It features not only in the complementary switch outpu...
Rectangular OS60 Series
OS60 series of rectangular sensor is a kind of high-end photoelectric sensors with medium square and nice shape. The 2 push-pull output function is an...
Compact OS80 Series
OS80 series of rectangular sensor is available in different output types, - not only in complementary type switch output but also in relay output to m...
Rectangular OS(M)90 Series
OS90 series of rectangular sensor is available with different output types, especially in complementary type switch output. Different types of these p...
Compact OSM48 Series
Metal housing, M12 turning connector, IP67, adjustable for sensing range.
CW3/CM3 Series
Color index detection, white and three-color sensing beam, high speed, high sensitivity, 1 teach button, key-press lock function.
CS20(B) Series
Simple color teaching, emitting sensing beam, analogue or digital output according to different colors.
F/FL Series
General size, sensing beam of visible red and laser, sensitivity adjustment, light/dark option.
OF Series
OF 8 and OF 9 series optical fiber sensors can provide general and professional type. Ultrathin version, saving installation space with potentiometer ..
Distance Detection OS40 Series
Compact size, red sensing beam, resolution of 1mm, remote or teach button set.
Distance Detection OSM48 Series
Metal housing, high accuracy of measurement, measurement adjustable, parameter setting by computer, convenient and flexible.
Distance Detection OS(M)90 Series
High accuracy of measurement, LCD display, teach button, convenient and flexible.
Distance Detection OSM150 Series
Diffuse measurement of 30m, resolution of 1mm, LCD display, teach button, convenient and flexible.
Distance Detection OSM160 Series
Diffuse measurement of 200m, High accuracy of measurement system, LCD display, compact size, advanced design.
MLV Series
Beam separation option, 5/12.5/25/50/100mm, set beam mode, clear aperture calibration, preinstallation of testing parameters, software settings.
Laser Distance Detection Sensors
ELPD Series Cold and hot object position or distance detection. Diffuse or retro-reflection type provides a long distance detection. Up to 30m with t...
Hot Metal Detector
General amd professional type optional, the temperature range of the object could be from 300℃ to 1400℃ and it’s adjustable. EHMD Series Integrate...
Crash Guard
Laser sensors are used in driving positioning. Output with both switch and analogue.


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