Encoder REC

Compact size - M12 connector

Compact sized encoders series REC fit to any application where short body dimensions are required - the body length only measures 38 mm.

REC encoders are available with different mechanical versions: with round flange and servo copling (type REC520), square flange (REC620) or hollow shaft (REC440).


The case is out of strong aluminium and connections are ensured by the connector type M12.

The pulses per revolution number ranges from 2 to 12500.



  • Body length 38 mm
  • Aluminium case
  • Supply 8/24 or 5 Vdc
  • Power consumption 30/80 mA
  • Max frequency 100/200 KHz
  • M12 connector outlet in radial position
  • Electronic signals: push-pull, 5Vdc line driver (supply 5 or 8/24 Vdc) or 8/24 Vdc line driver (supply 8/24 Vdc)
  • Protection against short circuits and polarity reversal
  • IP64 protection degree
  • Number of pulses/revolution: 2 to 12500














Series REC620

Square flange 63.5 x

Encoder REC620

Encoder REC620

63.5 mm
Shaft diameter 6, 8, or 10 mm






Series REC440

Encoder REC440

Encoder REC440

Hollow shaft
Joint hole Ø 8, 10,
12 or 14 mm