Specific for the humidity / temperature EE220 are the interchangeable sensing probes EE07 or EE03 with connectors.
The calibration data is stored in the probes, which are interchangeable and therefore probe replacement does not affect the performance of the EE220.

The outstanding accuracy over the entire temperature range is based on very precise calibration methods and on the latest microprocessor technology. Well-proven E+E humidity sensor elements ensure excellent long-term stability.

Humidity transmitter EE220

Techn. data
Measuring range 0...100% RH; -40...80°C
Outputs 0...1/5/10 V or 4...20 mA
Accuracy +/-1.5% RH; +/-0.1°C
Supply 24V AC/DC


EE220 Datasheet
1154.4 kb
EE220 Manual
3430.82 kb
EE220 Manual for reference probes
586.99 kb
EE220 Manual for display exchange
821.13 kb
EE220 Manual for EE03 probe
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