Micro diaphragm sealed pressure gauge are suitable for corrosive, contaminated, highly viscous, crystallizing, slurry or hot pressure media.

Dial Size 63mm, 100mm, 150mm.
Accuracy ±1% of full scale.
Case & Bezel (IP-65)

SS 304 Snap Action Bayonet type / Crimp type.

Movement SS 304
Pressure Element

SS 316  ( = 70 bar 'C' Type /  > 70 bar Coil Type ).


SS 316.

Dial Aluminum white painted with 270 degree black scale marking.
Pointer Al. / Brass, Zero adjustment / Micro Zero Adjustment pointer.
Window Acrylic / Toughened / Safety glass.
Blow Out Protection

On Top / On back side at 0.6 Kg/cm2.

Over Load Protection

125% of f.s.d.  for = 150 Kg/cm2 /  115% of f.s.d.  for > 150 Kg/cm2.


Argon arc welded.


Stem (Bottom), Surface, Panel Mounting, Surface with capillary extension.

Scale Range

Vacuum, Compound & Pressure up to 420 kg/cm2.

Sealed Unit  
Upper Chamber Material SS 304
Diaphragm Material

SS 316L / MONEL / HASTALLOY – C / TANTALUM or any other material. Teflon Coating can be

  • Different type of seals & connection available like :-
  • Different threaded type, Open Flange Type, Flush welded diaphragm type,
  • Sandwitch flange (cell) type, Extended welded diaphragm type, Capillary extension type.
  • SMS & TC Connection for food, Biochemical & pharmaceutical industries.
  • Homogenizer flange ( Round or Square) Type.
  • Special Connection for Pulp & Paper Industries.
  • Eco Model available on request.

Chemical, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing industries, in water & sewage treatment plants and in electric power plant etc…