Magnetic sensors based on the Hall principle or magneto-resistive circuits

Baumer magnetic sensors have a detection speed of up to 20,000 measurements per second. Since they work on a contactless principle and do not contain any moving parts like ball bearings, for example, they are maintenance and wear-free, easy to handle and install, and are completely insensitive to dirt. This makes them absolutely indispensable in many applications, guarantees long service times and allows them to be used reliably in rail applications or in commercial vehicles.

Depending on the application, magnetic sensors offer a practical alternative to encoders or inductive sensors.

MFRM 08 - Magnetic proximity switches
Part number output circuit
MFRM 08N1524/PL NPN make function (NO)
MFRM 08N3524/PL NPN break function (NC)
MFRM 08P1524/PL PNP make function (NO)
MFRM 08P3524/PL PNP break function (NC)


MHRM 12G2501 - Hall sensors
general data
version full metal
sensor type hall sensor
working distance max. <0,5 mm (module 1), <2,5 mm (module 3)
min. gear size > module 1
gear width > 6 mm
gear material ferromagnetic
electrical data
switching frequency range 0 ... 15 kHz
voltage supply range +Vs 8 ... 28 VDC
current consumption max. 20 mA
output A push-pull
output B push-pull
voltage drop Vd < 5 VDC
short circuit protection yes
reverse polarity protection yes, Vs to GND
mechanical data
type cylindrical threaded
housing material stainless steel
dimension 12 mm
housing length 60 mm
installation aid keyway
connection types cable FEP, 2 m
front of sensor durable against pressure 20 bar
ambient conditions
operating temperature -40 ... +120 °C
protection class (sensing face) IP 68
protection class (sensor) IP 67


MZTK 06 (T-slots, quick mounting) - Magnetic cylinder sensors
Part number output circuit connection types
MZTK 06N1013 NPN cable PUR 3 pin, 2,5 m
MZTK 06N1013/KS35D NPN flylead connector PUR M8, L=300 mm
MZTK 06P1013 PNP cable PUR 3 pin, 2,5 m
MZTK 06P1013/0500 PNP cable PUR 3 pin, 5 m
MZTK 06P1013/KS35D PNP flylead connector PUR M8, L=300 mm


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