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    Tin tức

    Saginomiya Vietnam_Matsushima Vietnam_INTEREL Vietnam 


    Saginomiya Vietnam Pressure and temp control DNS-D604NQ1
    Saginomiya Vietnam Press Control ANS-C106PG1
    Saginomiya Vietnam Relay Press SNS-C106W
      Timer relay H3CR-ABEL-315(100/240VAC)
      Timer relay H3Y-2(100VAC)
      Timer relay 24VDC H3CR-A-315
    Matsushima Vietnam Belt Tear Detector (Detector)
    Model : SCPT-100-35
    Belt width : 1000mm
    Trough angle : 35deg.
    (Detector; Type: SCPT-1000-35; Belt width: 1000(mm), Trough angle: 35o; Sensor type: CB807)
    Matsushima Vietnam Belt Tear Detector (Transducer)
    Type: AEDC-12LC2
    Matsushima Vietnam Pull Cord Switch
    Model : ELAW-31
    Matsushima Vietnam Pull Cord Switch
    Model : ELAW-61P
    Matsushima Vietnam Speed Switch
    Model: ESPB-030
    China / Taiwan Gear Motor Gear only  ZSY224-31.5-3S
    Weight: 400 kg
    China / Taiwan Gear Motor ZSY Gear motor included
    Model: ZSY224-31.5-3S
    Weight: 550 kg
      ** clearly confirmed before order!
    Fiberflon Vietnam 316.15 / 1000 mm    
    Fiberflon Vietnam 116.13 / 1000 mm  
    Kyoritsu Vietnam Model. 4105A Soft Case Kyoritsu
    INTEREL Vietnam Text display ICD 15R
    order code: ICD15R
    Text display with 15 direct Inputs
    Input nr. 16 is used as Remote Silence and General Alarms Reset
    LCD Display 2 x 16 characters
    Character Heigt 8 mm
    15 Messages
    1 basic text
    1 message of end cycle
    2 combined operating modes (First / Cycle e Mem / No Mem)
    1 central alarm output+ silencing key
    programming of text and functions with the front keys or with PC trough the serial port, CP11 cable (to buy separately) and Indysoft. Memory of the alarms in chronological order
    External dimensions 135 x 74 mm. (bxh)
    Cut out dimensions 127 x 64 mm (bxh)
    Depth: 50 mm
    INTEREL Vietnam Programming cable CP 11 (Indysoft 2.0.5 inclusive)
    order code: CP11


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