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    Thương hiệu

    Bộ đếm xung Lein & Linde - Encoder Lein & Linde - Leine & Linde encoder - Leine & Linde Vietnam 

    900 PREMIUM


    Absolute encoders for heavy duty industries

    With the Premium 900 series we take the starting point in our experience for heavy duty applications, and rise to a new level when it comes to functionality.

    Machines are becoming more and more advanced in classic industrial applications. More complex motions need to be monitored in order to achieve full process control. To meet this increasing demand the 900 series is based on absolute scanning which enables position feedback with high resolution.

    With rising demands on machine efficiency the reliability of each component is critical. The 900 series therefore offers increased performance when it comes to enduring conditions like high temperatures and moisture or vibration and shock. 

    The encoder series is available with different communication interfaces such as EnDat, SSI, PROFIBUS and DRIVE-CLiQ. It is also possible to have a combination encoder with a separate incremental output. All to achieve a reliable motion feedback at all times.

    Premium 900 series

    Technical data                 
    Diameter 100 mm
    Vibration 200 m/s2
    Shock 1500 m/s2
    Shaft load radial  400 N
    Shaft load axial 125 N
    Encapsulation level  IP67
    Temperature -20 .. +85 ºC


    Contactless encoder with increased scanning distance

    The 2000 series is Leine & Linde’s series of bearing-less encoders for large shafts. The concept consists of a rotating ring and a fix scanning unit which detects the speed through contactless scanning.

    ”Our customers like the principle of contactless scanning”, says Per-Johan Ahlström who is product manager for Leine & Linde’s speed sensors. “The solution is immune to mechanical wear as it has no bearings or other contact surfaces. And that suits the heavy industry where you normally find big stresses on the machinery.”

    Now Leine & Linde introduces several technical upgrades on the product series. The upgrades consist of an increased installation distance between ring and scanning unit, and also an increased scanning frequency to allow a higher shaft speed.


    Incremental encoders for use in functional safety applications

    Functional safetyLeine & Linde has for many years supported our customers with information regarding our encoders and their input within different application for best use. We are therefore now ready to take the next step forward and help our customers succeed with the encoders in functional safety applications, which are referring to human safety according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The incremental encoders from Leine & Linde are an important part of safety applications regarding speed feedback. Therefore we are now offering our customers the reliability values required to calculate on a functional safety system where our encoders are used as the input components. 

    Available for SIL2 or PLd applications

    The reliability value we provide for our encoders is either the MTTFd value for the performance level, PL, according to EN ISO 13849-1 or the PFHd value for the safety integrity level, SIL according to IEC 61508. These values are available for our incremental analogue and digital encoders within the 500 and 800 series. This information together with the reliability information of the complete functional safety system provides the estimation of the risk reduction level of it. A common use of our incremental encoders are in SIL2/PLd applications, however you can achieve different levels of risk reduction depending on the encoder input and the system architecture, from a minimum level of SIL1/PLc to a maximum level SIL3/PLe. 

    For Leine & Linde the goal within the field of functional safety is to support our customer with the right information, to create an understanding for what functional safety is really all about and how we can be a part of it together with our customers.


    Robust encoders

    The best encoders are those you never have to think about. Those that simply do their job – year after year. Leine & Linde develops and manufactures customised encoder solutions for demanding environments, advanced measuring systems for accurate feedback of speed and position.

    2000 Series - Magnetic encoder

    2000 MAGNETIC

    • Incremental
    • Hollow shaft
    • Diameter 140-1000 mm

    Download brochure (PDF)
    1000 Series - Extreme encoders

    1000 EXTREME

    • Incremental, absolute, dual
    • Solid shaft
    • Diameter 115 mm

    Download brochure (PDF)
    900 Series - Premium encoders

    900 PREMIUM

    • Absolute, dual
    • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
    • Diameter 100 mm

    Download brochure (PDF)
    800 Series - Heavy duty encoders

    800 HEAVY DUTY

    • Incremental, dual
    • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
    • Diameter 100 mm

    Create datasheet
    Download brochure (PDF)
    700 Series - Compact encoders

    700 COMPACT

    • Incremental
    • Hollow shaft
    • Diameter 100 mm

    Create datasheet
    Download brochure (PDF)

    600 Series - Industrial encoders


    • Absolute
    • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
    • Diameter 58 mm

    Create datasheet
    Download brochure (PDF)

    500 Series - Robust encoders

    500 ROBUST

    • Incremental, absolute, dual
    • Solid shaft, hollow shaft
    • Diameter 58 mm

    Create datasheet

    300 Series - Miniature encoders


    • Incremental
    • Solid shaft
    • Diameter 30 mm

    Create datasheet



    The right accessories for installation and extended functionallity.

    Leine & Linde Encoder - Leine & Linde Vietnam

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