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    IMR USA - IMR Vietnam - ANS Vietnam 

    Our high technology gas measuring systems for measuring emissions have gained an outstanding reputation from not only our customers in the U.S. but all around the world.








    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    Combustion Gas Analyzers

    IMR Environmental Equipment - Combustion Gas Analyzers
    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for portable and stationary flue-gas analyzers. Furthermore the product range includes leak detectors (HC, refrigerant), thermometers, manometers and anemometers. 
    IMR designs and manufactures combustion analyzers for more than 20 years.
    Since then IMR emission analyzers have earned the respect of the industry as the most reliable analyzers on the market. IMR flue-gas analyzers are designed to be rugged and accurate at the same time. They are used by the HVAC-industry, energy-industry, process control, glass-industry, food-industry, universities and everywhere gas-analysis is required.
     Gas Leak Detectors
    IMR Environmental Equipment - Gas Leak Detectors
    IMR 1100  
    IMR Environmental Equipment - portable measurement
    IMR manufactures single-cell handheld flue-gas analyzers as well as 8-channel continuous emission monitoring systems. IMR gas analyzers make use of the latest sensor technology (NDIR, electro-chemical sensors) to measure the flue-gas concentration.
    The IMR1000-3/4 is a hand held pocket size stack gas analyzer for combustion tests on boilers, burners, etc. The IMR 1000-3/-4 has a 4-line LCD and come with up to 3 sensors
    Please contact us at Info@IMRUSA.COM for more information or see below for our new products.


    The IMR 1400-CO  has two CO-sensors installed.

    One for low-CO measurements in ppm and

    one for high CO-measurments in Vol.%.

    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR1400-CO
    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR1400-IR  The IMR 1400-IR  is a compact and professional combustion gas analyzer that measures CO2 (NDIR) and measures and calculates all other relevant parameters.
    NEW - DA-60 - NEW  
    The DA-60 is a continuous particulate monitor for emission control and arrestment plant performance monitoring.
    IMR Environmental Equipment - DA-60 
    IMR Environmental Equipment - IM 6000  The IMR 6000  is a O2-excess air controller that measures O2 (zirconoxyd sensor), flue-gas temperature and calculates CO2.
    It also comes with a analog output, relays, PI control.
    The IMR 1000  is a small and rugged combustion gas analyzer that measures O2, CO, CO2, stack-gas temperature. 
    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 1000 
    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 1100  NEW - IMR 1050X - NEW  
    The newly redesigned IMR 1050X Combustion System Analyzer eliminates the number one hassle for
    combustion contractors; the annual replacement and
    calibration of the O2 sensor. By replacing the electro
    chemical O2 sensor with the EOS Technology™ CO2
    sensor, the IMR 1050X now takes direct CO2
    measurements and calculates the O2 level.
    The IMR 5000 flue-gas analyzing system is a continuous measuring gas monitor to measure O2, CO, CO2, CH4, NO etc. This system is capable of measuring up to 8 gases simultaneously. TheIMR 5000 can be built to customer specification.  
    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 5000
    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 400 NEW - IMR 400 - NEW 
    The IMR 400 flue-gas conditioning system is designed to prepare the flue-gas sample for the IMR 5000. Its wall mounted enclosure meets NEMA4 (IP65) standards.
    The IMR 2800-A is the latest model of the popular IMR 2800-series. 
    It is designed to measure the emissions of vehicles by using the latest sensor technology.
    • O2, NO electrochemical sensor
    • CO2, HC, CO NDIR-technology
    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR 2800

     ABOUT US 

    Please select one of the links below to find out more about IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

     Innovative Gas-Measuring Technology

     Our slogan

     Why is it important to measure combustion gases? 

    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR US Office IMR Env. Equip., Inc. 
    3634 Central Ave.  
    USA-St. Petersburg, Florida 33711 
    Tel.:  727-328-2818  
    Toll free: 1-800-746-4467 
    Fax: 727-328-2826 
    Email: Info@IMRUSA.COM

    Innovative Gas Measuring Technology  
    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. one of the top leading manufacturer for combustion gas analyzer is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Our gas analyzers are state of the art portable and stationary units that are the most reliable, durable and rugged -  yet easy to use for combustion gas analysis with virtually any fuel.

    Our high technology gas measuring systems for measuring emissions have gained an outstanding reputation from not only our customers in the U.S. but all around the world.

    Our excellent reputation is also based on the powerful, reliable and worldwide operating service organization. IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. has branches in the most important markets and is now covered in 36 different countries by exclusive partners of IMR.

    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. also offers engineer services and has already designed complete mobile measuring laboratories now being used internationally. 
    Customers take more and more use of these services because of IMR's High-Tech Know-How and well known reliability.

    HEY !! WHAT'S GOING ON !! 
    What are you doing? 

    Combustion Gas Analysis Computer from IMR  IMR combustion gas analyzer were developed according to the requirements of experienced practicians and IMR analyzers are measuring instruments which continually and simultaneously measure more values than all measuring instruments before them. Versatility, simple operation, flexibility, wide measuring ranges and extremely high accuracy, all these are advantages of IMR gas analyzer.
       Soot is measured via a filter paper method. The smoke spot number is determined according to DIN using a 
       comparison scale.
    Heat generation

    The regulations on heating require that heat generating plants be run in such a way that their exhaust losses, related to their heating capacity, do not exceed the values demanded by the law.

    Exhaust losses caused by plants which are not optimally adjusted mean high avoidable costs for the operator. The quality of combustion can only be clearly established through exact measurements. IMR combustion gas analyzer measure all parameters necessary to optimize a plant. 
    Real-life combustion plants cannot make a possible ideal combustion but have to be operated with excess air. Too little excess air means incomplete combustion, soot formation and high CO ratio, whereas too much excess air means unnecessary exhaust losses through heat bound in the exhaust gases.  
    The simultaneously and continuously display of O2, CO and excess air enables even the non-specialist to optimally adjust a plant and to improve its efficiency.

    Combustion diagram

    Useable for all fuels

    Solid, liquid and gaseous fuels have varying calorific values according to quality. To calculate fuel efficiency the IMR analyzers store the most common fuel factors. Among other things the fact whether improvement is made through a blower or atmospherically is taken into account. If desired any other fuel factor can be entered by IMR. Apart from this IMR combustion gas analyzer have programmable storage locations so that the operator himself can enter unusual fuel factors on the job. The fuel factor program is modified according to countries so that for each country the appropriate fuel factors are available.

    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. 
    3634 Central Ave.  -  St. Petersburg, FL 33711 USA 
    Phone: 727/328-2818  -  Toll free: 1-800-746-4467 
    Fax: 727/328-2826 
    © Copyright 2001 IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.



    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR Combustion Gas Analyzer products

    • Small, handheld combustion gas analyzers that measure O2, CO, CO2 and draft. The measuring results can be printed on a IR-printer.
    • Flue-gas analyzers enclosed in a rugged aluminum case that measure O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, HC and draft. The measuring results can be printed on the integrated thermal printer.
    • Stationary and continous measuring systems with gas condtioning systems.
    • Zirconoxyd O2-measurement
    IMR Environmental Equipment - IMR Measurement Equipment Products

    • Continuous particulate monitor
    • Thermometer (thermocouple, thermistors, Infrared)
    • Leak detectors for HC, CO and refrigerants
    • Electronic Manometer 
    • Anemometers with integrated temperature measurement



    IMR flue-gas analyzers measure and calculate the following parameters:
    O2, O3, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, HC, CH4, C3H8, combustion efficiency, heat losses, excess air, flue-gas temperature, ambient temperature, draft/pressure
    Please select one of the product categories: IMR-Product-Range
    PRODUCT - OVERVIEW              
    FEATURE 400  500 1000-1 1400-c 1400 P 1400 CO 1400-IR 2000P 2800-IR 2800-A 5000 6000
    O2     þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ o þ
    CO     1000-2 þ þ þ þ þ þ þ o  
    CO2     þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ o þ
    NO     1000-4 A  1400PL o o þ þ þ o  
    NO2       A     o 2800P o o o  
    SO2       A  1400PS A o þ o o o  
    H2S             o   o o o  
    HC       A     o S þ þ o  
    Draft     1000-3/4 o þ þ þ þ o o    
    Soot       o o þ þ o o o    
    Temperature     þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ  o þ
    Efficiency      þ þ þ þ þ         þ
    Losses       þ þ þ þ þ        
    Excess Air     þ þ þ þ þ þ        
    Dryer þ þ                    
    Stationary þ                   þ þ
    Memory     þ o þ þ þ þ þ þ   þ
    RS232       o þ þ þ þ þ þ  o þ
    Analog output                     o þ
    Printer     o 1400-cp þ þ þ þ þ þ    
    þ - standard ¨ - optional S - substitution of a toxic sensor A - add. Sensor (max. 2 add.)     



    IMR Environmental Equipment - DA-60 
    - Continuous particulate monitor for emission control and arrestment plant performance monitoring.

    Please click here or the picture for more information.

    Product brochure:  DA-60
    IMR Environmental Equipment - DT150/200
    • Temperature mesurement with one (DT150) or two (DT200) inputs
    • Accepts K, J and T thermocouples
    • Time-stamped multifunction record

    Please click here or the picture for more information. 
    Product brochure:  DT200

    IMR - CD100A
    • Adjustable tick rate
    • Long 18" (45cm) flexible gooseneck
    • 'Tip Light' in sensor cover illuminates the area of the leak
    • Audio and visual tick rate

    Please click here or the picture for more information. 
    Product brochure:  CD100A

    IMR - CD200
    • Adjustable tick rate
    • Long 18" (45cm) flexible gooseneck
    • 'Tip Light' in sensor cover illuminates the area of the leak
    • Audio and visual tick rate
    • Fast response time (< 2 seconds to 40% LEL)

    Please click here or the picture for more information. 
    Product brochure:  CD200

    IMR - RLD10
    • Adjustable tick rate
    • Long 18" (45cm) flexible gooseneck
    • Automatically detects all existing refrigerants and blends
    • Audio and visual tick rate
    • Fast response time (< 1 second)

    Please click here or the picture for more information. 
    Product brochure:  RLD10

    IMR - EM200
    • -60" to +60"WG (-150 to +150mBar)
    • Rubber boot with buitl-in magnet
    • Min/Max and Data hold

    Please click here or the picture for more information. 
    Product brochure:  EM200

    IMR - DAFM2
    • Free rotating vane wheel ensures highest accuracy
    • Displays air velocity and temperature simultaneously
    • Min/Max/AVG and Data hold

    Please click here or the picture for more information. 
    Product brochure:  DAFM3

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