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    Bộ ly hợp Sinfonia Shinko - Thắng từ Sinfonia Shinko - Motor Sinfonia Shinko - Servo Actuators Sinfonia Shinko - Sinfonia VIetnam - Shinko VIetnam 

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    In the aerospace field, every single part must meet the very highest standards of quality, reliability and safety. So reliable achievements based on broad experience and an inexhaustible spirit of inquiry regarding new technologies are essential. As the only Japanese manufacturer of on-board power units for aircraft, we have developed and supplied main generator systems, store management systems and VSCF converters for next-generation power supplies. We have solid achievements in the space field, including high capacity electrical powered servo actuators for rockets. Our accumulated experience and achievements and our leading-edge technologies are in wide demand in the aerospace industry.

    Main Products

    • Servo-actuators for space rockets
    • Lift trucks
    • Electrical components for aircraft
    • Ground power vehicles

    pdf_aerospace.gif (pdf)

    40KVA VSCF power generation systemServo actuators for rocketsHelicopter rescue hoistCVCF frequency converter

    JAXA HII-A rocket

    Electrical components for aircraft and space rockets


    Clutch Brakes

    The motion of all moving mechanisms must be accurately controlled.

    Non-excitation electromagnetic brakes play important roles in industrial robots and numerically controlled machine tools.

    Electromagnetic clutches are used in paper feeding mechanisms in OA equipment such as printers, copiers and fax machines. Our wide selection of products, which even includes automotive electromagnetic clutches, have earned solid reputations for their reliability and durability.

    Product Information
    Microclutches for OA equipment

    Main Products

    • Micro-clutches for OA equipment
    • Linear drive units
    • Automobile clutch/brakes
    • Electromagnetic clutch/brakes
    • Elevator brakes
    General industrial electromagnetic clutches and brakes

    Non-excitation electromagnetic brakes Automotive electromagnetic clutches



    A variety of types of precision motion devices such as FA equipment and industrial robots are vital components of manufacturing plants.

    At the heart of these devices are servo actuators. We provide a broad product lineup, mainly HD motors and HD linear motors that achieve high torque and high thrust. Our optimized servo drives satisfy the diverse needs of flat panel display manufacturing processes.

    Product Information

    Main Products

    • HD motors
    • AC servo-motors
    • Alignment stages
    • HD linear motors
    • Compact DC motors
    HD linear motor "I" typePM motorHD linear motorLarge precision stageHD motorCompact DC motorReciprocal motors
    Bộ ly hợp Sinfonia Shinko - Thắng từ Sinfonia Shinko - Motor Sinfonia Shinko - Servo Actuators Sinfonia Shinko - Sinfonia VIetnam - Shinko VIetnam


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