Detcon designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial grade gas detection sensors and electronic control systems. Detcon was established in 1983 and began commercial activity with its first products in early 1985. The company has continued to grow in product base and market share. Application experience includes virtually every conceivable type of industrial facility. Detcon's wide range of sensor technology and electronic product designs establishes a competitive advantage in providing practical and affordable gas detection solutions in even the most difficult and challenging industrial environments.

Detcon Corporate Headquarters

Detcon's new Corporate Headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas

Detcon's Corporate Objective
"Provide products and services of the highest quality; thereby, establishing an unequaled level of trade name recognition and trust."
Detcon accomplishes this objective by implementing a rigid quality assurance program while keeping in close contact with customers' needs.
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Detcon product design and manufacturing process is based on continuous quality improvement and a TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT program. The program is designed to address and satisfy the needs of its customers and improve overall management of the company. The Detcon Quality Program has been certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard by an accredited third party registrar.
Quality Policy
Detcon, Inc. will continuously improve its products to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver, on time and every time, defect free products and services.


Gas Detectors

Detcon manufactures the most rugged and diverse fixed gas detection sensors for a wide range of industrial applications… the Model 700, MicroSafe™ Models 500/600, and the Model 100. The Model 700 is a state-of-the-art intelligent sensor specifically designed for harsh environments and extreme locations, Models 500/600 feature Detcon's MicroSafe intuitive software, and the Model 100 is a back-to-basics high quality, low power, no frills gas detection sensor. All Detcon sensor assemblies are designed as easy-to-use field replaceable plug-in sensors with intelligent electronics and a non-instrusive operator interface.

Detcon Model Series 700 Gas Detection Sensors

"Environmentally Bulletproof"
• Water-Proof
• Corrosion-Proof
• Vibration-Proof
• Multi-Layer Surge Protection
• Pre-emptive Fault Diagnostics

Model 700 Gas Detectors

Detcon Model Series 700 industrial gas detection sensors are a new generation of intelligent sensor modules that incorporate and integrate several leading edge improvements. The sensors are specifically designed for harsh and extreme locations. This new and superior level of environmental durability in sensor design includes an electropolished 316 stainless steel housing, multi-layered transient spike protection circuitry and 100% encapsulated electronics. The sensor electronics are completely protected and immune to water ingress and corrosion. The gas detector sensor elements are all plug-in components and can easily be replaced in the field. Operator interface is non-intrusive via a small handheld magnet. Configuration and routine calibration is intuitive and menu driven with fully scripted instructions. Sensor status is displayed on a built-in alphanumeric LED display. Model Series 700 intelligent sensor modules feature dual redundant outputs, a linear 4-20 milliamp analog signal and a Modbus RS-485 serial output.

Electrical Classification (FP, TP, IR Series)
Class I, Div 1, Groups B, C, D; Class I, Zone 1, Group IIB+H2 (ATEX)

Electrical Classification (DM, O2, PI Series)
Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D; Class I, Zone 1, Group IIC (ATEX)

Safety Approvals
CSA/NRTL (US OSHA Certified)

Integration Solutions Include:
• Remote Control/Alarm Relay Module
• Hart Module
• Foundation Fieldbus Module
• Wireless Interface Module


Data Sheets

Solid State H2S
Chemfet MOS (TP)

Combustilble Gas
Catalytic Bead (FP)
500HT High Temp
600HT High Temp

Infrared (IR)
500 600

Carbon Dioxide CO2
Infrared (IR)
500 640 642

Toxic Gases
Electrochemical (DM)

Oxygen Deficiency (O2)
500 600


Other Documentation

Instruction Manuals

Specification Sheets

& Certifications


Detcon MicroSafe™ Gas Detection Sensors

"Intuitive Diagnostic Intelligence"
• Intuitive Non-intrusive Operator Interface
• Modular Plug & Play Sensors & Transmitters
• Simple Menu-driven Calibration & Programming
• Integral Sensor Fault Diagnostics

Two Models to Choose From
• Model 500: 4-20mA
• Model 600: 4-20mA, Modbus RTU, Alarm Relays

Microsafe Gas Detectors Model 500 and 600

Detcon MicroSafe™ Series intelligent gas detection sensors feature Detcon's MicroSafe™ intuitive software. Operator interface is non-intrusive using a hand-held magnet and program switches accessed through a glass lens cover. Calibration instructions appear in simple interactive and sequential script on a 16-character backlit alphanumeric display. The transmitter design incorporates extensive fault diagnostics with each condition conveniently identified on the transmitter display. The gas detector sensor elements and transmitters are plug-in components and can easily be replaced in the field.

Model Series 500 comes standard with a linear 4-20 mA output, one-man remote calibration, self-adjusting zero and span, and LED indicators for fault and calibration status.

Model Series 600 includes the same features as the 500 with the addition of 3 alarm relays and an RS-485 serial communications port.

Electrical Classification - Explosion proof
Class I, Div 1, Groups B, C, D

Safety Approvals
cCSAus/NRTL (US OSHA Certified)
ATEX (TP Series Solid State H2S only)
Detcon Model 100 Gas Detection Sensors

"Simple, Affordable, Durable"

• 2-Wire Loop Powered
• Wide Range of Toxic Sensors + Oxygen
• XP-Intrinsically Safe design
• Non-Intrusive Interface
• 4-20 Milliamp Output
• Class I, Division 1, Groups B,C,D
• Integral Sensor Fault Diagnostics
• Fully encapsulated electronics

Detcon Model 100 Gas Detectors

Detcon Model 100 Series sensors feature intelligent electronics, non-intrusive operator interface and comprehensive fault diagnostics. The sensor is packaged in an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing fitted with a ¾ inch NPT thread. The plug-in, field replaceable sensor features large surface area gold-plated pins that reduce the effects of corrosion in harsh industrial environments. Signal conditioning electronics are completely encapsulated in the sensor housing adding a high level of durability to the design. The packaging is Explosion Proof (Class I, Div. 1 Groups B, C, D). Model 100 is equipped with a standard analog 4-20 mA current signal equivalent to the sensor range of detection. Upper enclosure options are aluminum and stainless steel (includes a transient protection terminal board). Additional accessories include wireless communications, a loop powered digital display, Remote Alarm Module (RAM), HART, and a current to RS-485 converter. The standard serial converter is Modbus RTU. Each sensor is shipped with a splash guard with integral calibration port.

Model DM-100 provides a wide range of toxic gas sensors and oxygen that uses electrochemical technology.

Electrical Classification
NEMA 4X Class 1, Div. 1, Groups B, C, & D

Safety Approvals
cCSAus/NRTL (US OSHA Certified)
CE Marking

MultiFlame Flame Detectors

• Continuous auto-check of optical lens
• Selectable sensitivity and time delays
• Wireless detector configuration and testing using TLU
• HART® output option available

Two Models to Choose From
• DF-TV7-T: Multi-spectrum IR Flame Detector (3 wavelengths)
• DF-TV7-V: Multi-spectrum UV/2IR Flame Detector (UV + dual IR)

Multiflame Flame Detectors

The MultiFlame DF-TV7-T is a multi-spectrum infrared flame detector using three wavelengths to respond to hydrocarbon fires and is the right choice for operation in dirty environments or for detection of smoky fires.The MultiFlame DF-TV7-V is a combined ultraviolet/infrared flame detector offering excellent long range detection. Both maintain outstanding false alarm immunity and are configurable using a hazardous area approved wireless hand held terminal (TLU). Model DF-TV7-T is suitable for use in SIL3 applications while Model DF-TV7-V is suitable for use in SIL2 applications.

Electrical Classification
II 2 G Ex d II C T6 Gb (-40°C to +65°C)

Safety Approvals
SIL 3 (DF-TV7-T)
SIL 2 (DF TV7-V)
CE Marking (pending)


Data Sheets

GD10L Open Path
Hydrocarbon Detector


GD10L Open Path Infrared Hydrocarbon Detector

15 Year IR Sources Warranty

• Enhanced coverage requires fewer devices
• Ultra stable & long life solid state IR sources
• Heated retro reflector minimises icing and condensation
• Path lengths from 6.5 to 100 feet

GD10L Open Path INfrared Hydrocarbon Detector

The GD10L provides an effective response to the detection of gas hazards in a wide range of industrial environments from boiler plant rooms to offshore petrochemical installations.

Electrical Classification
ATEX 2 II G EExde IIC T6 (-40°C to +65°C)

Safety Approvals


Data Sheets

GD1 Laser Open Path
H2S Gas Detector


GD1 Laser Open Path H2S Gas Detector

Fastest Possible Speed of Response

• No sensor recalibration or replacement
• Superior detector stability and specificity
• Suitable for use in SIL 2 systems

GD1 Laser Open Path H2S Gas Detector

The GD1 sets a new standard for toxic gas detection. Using a tuneable laser diode the GD1 delivers enhanced coverage and fail safe detection. The performance improvement marks a genuine step change for safety systems and life cycle cost savings. At the heart of the detector is a tuneable laser diode that eliminates environmental effects from sun, rain and fog. The laser scans single absorption lines where there is no interference from other gases. Unlike traditional methods for detecting H2S (MOS or EC cell) the GD1 needs no recalibration and can replace multiple standard detectors to cover the same risk.

Electrical Classification
Ex II 2 G Ex e IIC T4/T5/T6

Safety Approvals

GD10 Series IR Point Gas Detectors

For Combustible Gas and Carbon Dioxide

• Fast Reliable Response
• No Field Recalibration
• Solid State IR-Source

GD10 IR Point Gas Detectors

The GD10 Series uses state of the art IR gas measurement to give a fast, reliable response. The GD10P has set the standard for gas detection in the areas of safety, stability and low maintence. The GD10 differs from all other point infrared gas detectors, because it utilises silicon based solid-state sources. The complete optomechanical design and constructions is so stable that an ultra fast speed of response can be achieved whilst providing unparalleled service life and detector stability, thus saving on maintenance and service costs. The GD10 offers the longest combined detector and IR source warranty on the market. And is supplied with worldwide hazardous area approvals. Suitable for use in SIL 2 systems. An industry standard HART interface is used for configuration of special fault levels as well as access to extended maintenance data.

Electrical Classification

Safety Approvals


Data Sheet

iTrans 2

FAQ Sheet

iTrans 2 FAQ

Instruction Manual

iTrans 2 User Manual

iTrans 2 Fixed Gas Detector

Detects Explosive Gas, Toxic Gas, or Oxygen

• Non-Intrusive Calibration
• Smart Infrared Gas Sensors
• HART Communication Protocol
• MODBUS Communication
• Programmable Relays
• Dual Gas Sensing

iTrans 2

Remote Diagnostics, Set-up or Calibration The iTrans 2 fixed gas detector employs an intelligent electronics platform to provide one or two points of detection from a single head for maximum flexibility, superior performance and lower installation costs. With the optional HART Communication Protocol, the iTrans 2 offers remote diagnostics, set-up or calibration by superimposing a high-frequency current across the industry standard 4-20mA analog line.

Smart Infrared Gas Sensor Technology and Safety Features
Able to detect any combination of gases for a specific environment, iTrans 2 utilizes our industry-proven “smart” infrared gas sensor technology and safety features including automatic sensor recognition, access code security, and zero and cal fault protection – all enclosed within an explosion-proof aluminum or stainless steel housing. The microprocessor-controlled transmitters are capable of independent operation or multi-point system configuration. The infrared sensor provides explosive gas detection (methane, butane, propane, ethylene, hexane, etc.) in more severe environmental conditions, where the presence of poisons could harm the use of a catalytic cell. In addition to the LEL sensor range, the iTrans 2 detector can also be configured with a 0-100% volume methane infrared sensor for bio-gas applications and CO2 infrared sensors ranging from 0.5% volume to 100% volume.

Stand-Alone Operation
With optional on-board relays, this fixed gas detector has the added ability of stand-alone operation, activating alarms, horns, or fans and can also shut down a system without the need to wire back to a central control panel.

Safety Approvals
ATEX (pending)
IEC (pending)

DG Series Gas Detectors

Backlit Display

• Flexible Configuration
• Reduced Maintenance
• Local Display

DG Sires Gas Detectors

The DG Series gas detectors are constructed from a common housing and consist of the MultiTox Electrochemical for toxic gases, the MultiXplo Catalytic for flammable gases and the MultiTox Solid State MOS for hydrogen sulfide.The intelligent, microprocessor driven unit is fully configurable using a wireless handheld terminal (TLU) or optionally via HART giving true flexibility to the installer. Parameters such as relay operation and alarm levels are all set via the TLU, hazardous area approved handheld unit.

Electrical Classification
II 2 G Ex d IIC T6 Gb (-40°C to +65°C)

Safety Approvals



Portable Gas Detector Data Sheets

GT Series Multifunction Gas Detector

V!SA 5-Gas

PS200 4-Gas

PS1 Single-Gas


Detcon Now Offering Complete Line of Portable Gas Detection Products


Detcon is now offering a comprehensive line of portable gas detection products that combine advanced technology with rugged durability. These innovative products meet the demands of a broad range of industrial applications, offering the end-user everything from customizable features to easy one-button functions.



Data Sheet

PS200 4-Gas
Personal Monitor


PS200 4-Gas Personal Safety Monitor

• LEL, O2, CO, H2S
• Internal Pump
• Data Logging Standard
• Auto Bump & Cal Station

Flame Detectors

The PS200 is a rugged, easy to use portable multi-gas detector ideal for use in confined spaces and hotworks. Both lightweight and durable the instrument monitors and displays up to four hazardous gas conditions simultaneously using catalytic bead sensor technology for a wide range of combustible gases, and electrochemical sensors for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen deficiency. Operator interface and calibration are intuitive and easy by toggling between simple one-button functions. During hazardous conditions users are alerted via three alarm functions: vibration, red flashing LEDs, and audible buzzer. To ensure the highest level of personal safety, the PS200 is also fitted with an optional man down/motion sensor that activates alarms if the instrument is not moved at a pre-set time. The instrument is also fitted with an optional built in remote sampling pump making it ideal for use in confined spaces. The PS200 features a screen backlight that can be manually switched on in poor lighting conditions. Additional features include: customized user identification code setup, calibration due date display, and standard data logging that can be downloaded to a docking station via USB connection to a computer. Also available is a auto bump and cal station, 5-way charger and PC data logging software.

Electrical Classification
IEC Ex ia d IIC T4 Gb

Safety Approvals


Data Sheet

PS1 Single Gas
Personal Monitor


PS1 Single Gas Monitor

• H2S, O2, CO, SO2
• Data Logging Standard
• Auto Bump & Cal Station
• Rugged stainless steel alligator clip

Flame Detectors

The PS1 monitors a single gas, for a variety of applications. Widely used in the oil and gas industry, this rugged, extremely lightweight and accurate monitor clips easily onto a collar or vest. This puts the instrument near the breathing zone for maximum user protection and safety. Audible, visual, and vibrating alarms alert the user, should gas be present and alarms can be latching until the user acknowledges that an alarm is present. The PS1 Bump Test and Calibration Station is designed to give a fast visual indication that instruments are calibrated correctly. Just place the instrument into the cradle, close the door and testing is complete in 90 seconds. Results can be easily extracted for Calibration Certificate printing at your convenience. Manual bump testing and calibration is also possible and only requires a cylinder of test gas and regulator. A manual calibration can be performed in less than two minutes with results stored on the PS1.

Electrical Classification
IECEx: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

Safety Approvals



Data Sheet

V!SA Portable
Multi-Gas Analyzer


V!SA Portable Multi-Gas Analyzer

• Displays up to 5 gases simultaneously
• Wide variety of plug-and-play smart sensors
• Built-in pump or user selectable diffusion mode
• Fully programmable 95 dB audible & high-visibility light bar
• On-board data logging
• Over 20,000 in use worldwide

Flame Detectors

“Designed by our customers,” this robust, accurate portable gas detector provides unrivaled protection in confined space applications for a variety of industries. Designed and trusted in hundreds of applications, the V!SA meets all world standards of compliance and is fast becoming the preferred portable multi-gas analyzer. The versatility in having multiple pre-calibrated plug-and-play sensors to choose from, and having full password protected programming available in the field makes the V!SA perfect for rental applications, plant turnarounds, fire and hazmat, and any confined space application where a monitor is needed. Complete with on board data logging, field accessible program menus, long duration NiMH rechargeable battery pack or optional alkaline pack, the instrument will run for a minimum of 12 hours with the pump running, or up to 18 hours or more in diffusion mode. This low cost, high quality instrument is the best choice in ensuring worker protection, while providing an extremely low cost of ownership. Each instrument is shipped with unit, charger, 10 ft of tubing with connector, user manual and laminated user card.

ATEX II 2 G EEx iad IIC T3 / T4
IEC Ex iad IIC T3
UL 913 Class I, Div 1 Groups ABCD (excludes use of VOC sensors)
EC Type Examination Certificate MED (0038/YY) - Module B&E


Data Sheet

GT 40 Series
Portable Detector


GT 40 Series Portable Detector

• Measures up to 4 gases
• 7 modes of operation
• Gas leak detection
• Confined space monitoring
• Surveying and purging

Flame Detectors

Designed for the gas industry,the GT Series are multi-application instruments, satisfying all the needs of service technicians within a single unit. With 7 modes of operation, the GT Series is the most versatile instrument available for working with gas.

The GT 40 series offers technicians and workers a single instrument that can be used throughout the gas distribution and transmission pipelines for all measurements needed for leak testing, and confined space entry. Bright LED alarm lights illuminate as gas levels increase, and audible alarms are activated at preset levels should they be programmed. Completely programmable, the GT is an industry standard throughout the Americas and Europe and allows companies to utilize only one instrument for all their monitoring needs. The GT series is available with an optional docking station for full calibration and testing capabilities, and printed cal certificates if needed.

IECEx Ex iad IIB T3
UL 913 Class I, Div 1 Groups C, D


Data Sheet

BM 25

FAQ Sheet


Instruction Manuals

BM 25 CSA User Manual

BM 25 ATEX User Manual

BM 25 Monitor

Transportable Multigas Area Monitor

• Longer lifetime with the XP IR sensor
• Intrinsically safe gas detector
• Powerful audible alarm (103 dB @ 1m)
• Ultra-bright flashing signal (viewable at 360°)
• Run time of up to 170 hours
• More than 4-month datalogging capacity
• Easily transportable - less than 7 kilos

Oldham Model BM 25 Monitor

The BM 25 packs the benefits of a fixed system area monitor into a rugged, user-friendly and transportable instrument. It was designed to detect one to five gases for mobile or temporary work applications, team protection, area surveillance or places where fixed detection systems are not suitable. Powered by a NiMH battery pack, the BM 25 multi gas monitor offers up to 170 hours of continuous run time. Other standard features include STEL and TWA values, as well as a datalogging capacity of more than four months. Multiple units can be grouped using optional alarm transfer kits. This protects larger areas by transferring alarms from one BM 25 to the next. An intrinsically safe trickle charger is also available for long-term area monitoring in classified zones. The BM 25 is durable and versatile. It is suitable for a wide range of industries including refineries and pharmaceutical production. Applications include turnaround work sites, rig overhauls and fence-line surveillance.

Safety Approvals




Data Sheets

Model SD1/SD2 N4X

Model SD1/SD2 N7

Other Documentation

Instruction Manuals


Detcon Model Series SD1/SD2 Sample Draw Manifold

• Power Input and Flow Fault Indicators
• Flow Fault Fail Safe Supervision
• In-Line Sample Input Moisture Filter
• Sample Pump Service Life >3-5 Years
• Single and Dual Channel Option
• In-line Flame Propogation Barriers (NEMA 7 Version)

NEMA 4X Sample Draw Manifold


NEMA 7 Sample Draw Manifold

Detcon Model SD1-Nx is a single sensor sample draw manifold (dual channel available) designed for use with any one of a number of gas detection sensors including combustible gas, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and a long list of toxic compounds. The sampling system utilizes an internal pump to draw air and gas samples from a remote location and flow the sample across the sensor at a metered flow rate. In use, the sample draw method allows for remote calibration and routine maintenance without exposing maintenance personnel to dangerous or difficult to access sampling areas. Sampling time is a function of the distance between the sample point and the sample draw manifold.

Detcon Model SD-1-N4X is housed in a NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosure and is suitable for installation in outdoor locations.

Detcon Model SD-1-N7 is housed in a NEMA 7 explosion proof enclosure and is suitable for installation in hazardous locations: Class I; Division 1; Group C & D.

These enclosure ratings allow for installation with a minimum distance to the sample point, which decreases delays in real time sampling.

• Single or Dual Channel
• Power Input - 12VDC, 24VDC, 220VAC
• High Sample Flow
• Teflon fittings & Tubing
• Sample Dilution
• Liquid Level Detector
• Molecular Sieve
• Loop Isolator
• Less Pump


Detcon Model X40
Integrated Alarm & Control Systems

Advanced Scalable Control Systems

• 32 Channel Capacity
• Backlit LCD Screen Display
• Analog or RS-485 Input Options
• Easy Intuitive Field Configuration
• Wired or Distributed I/O
• Extensive Event Data Logging
• SmartWireless® Capable

Detcon Model X40 Control Systems

Detcon Model X40 is a low power alarm and control system designed to monitor multiple gas detection sensors and/or a wide range of other field devices. The versatile control system is designed to receive and supervise inputs using either 4-20mA DC or Serial RS-485 Modbus™. Model X40 functions as a Modbus™ Master and can be customized and expanded based on individual application needs using Detcon’s stackable din-rail mounted I/O modules. All I/O modules are individually addressable and operate on 11.5-30VDC. Model X40 provides power for up to 32 field devices and can house up to 12 4-channel I/O modules. Detcon I/O modules available for use with the Model X40 include a 4-channel 4-20mA input module (DA-4), a 4-alarm relay output module (RL-4), a 4-channel 4-20mA output module (AO-4), and a 4-relay contact input module (DI-4). Detcon modules can be mounted within the main system enclosure or installed remotely to simplify field wiring.

The Model X40 is completely field programmable using a small handheld magnet and offers advanced technology with intuitive, embedded intelligence. The control system displays real time readings and field device status on a backlit LCD screen. During normal operation the screen displays the alarm status and current reading (i.e., channel number, gas type, and gas concentration) for up to 8 field devices simultaneously. The display is sequential and during normal operation it auto cycles through each of the active channel screens.

Among the system’s unique features is a wireless option that can be used with Detcon’s RXT-320 SmartWireless® transceivers. Enclosure options include: NEMA 4X, NEMA 1 panel mount, and NEMA 7.

Safety Approvals
CE Marking (X40-N4X in ABS or Stainless Steel Enclosure)


Data Sheet

Model MCX-32

Instruction Manual

Model MCX-32

Other Documentation

Model MCX-32
ABS Certificate

GOST Certification



Detcon Model MCX-32
Integrated Alarm & Control Systems

Advanced Distributed I/O Control Systems

• 64 channel capacity
• Large LCD with touch-screen user interface
• Analog, digital or Modbus RTU serial input capability
• Readily field expandable with auto configuration capability
• Versatile distributed I/O installation options
• Lightning & over-voltage protection standard
• Data logging of alarms, calibration, comm errors, faults, peak and average readings

Detcon Model MCX-32 Control Systems

Detcon Model MCX-32 is a multi-channel integrated control system with a capacity of 64 active channels. It can receive and supervise inputs from a wide range of field devices with either a 4-20mA DC or serial output. The standard serial protocol is RS-485 Modbus RTU. This unique system design features “auto-configuration” of addressable devices that are located in a device library. The Model MCX-32 controller provides a unique combination of “auto configuration” simplicity and ease of use with customizable expansion capabilities.

The Model MCX-32 controller features a flexible design that allows the user to customize a system by choosing from a selection of individually addressable field devices or use addressable input and output modules. Detcon’s full range of gas sensors (purchased separately) can be used to create a gas detection system consisting of toxic gas, combustible gas, and/or oxygen deficiency. A wide range of field devices such as liquid level, temperature, pressure, flow, etc., can also be configured for input to the control system. Four standard I/O modules are available: a 4-channel 4-20mA input module (DA-4), a 4-alarm relay output module (RL-4), a 4-channel 4-20mA output module (AO-4), and a 4-relay contact input module (DI-4). I/O modules are din-rail mounted and stackable allowing for seamless system expansion. The I/O modules may be mounted within the main system enclosure or in separate enclosures suitable for the area classification where installation will occur. In many cases using distributed I/O nodes can significantly reduce wiring and installation costs.

The real time status of each active sensor is displayed on a backlit LCD Touch Screen that also serves as a user interface. Display formats include field device function, tag name, current reading and alarm status. Each input can be configured for up to 3 alarm levels. A fourth alarm output is dedicated to fault diagnostics of field devices and internal operating systems. Each system application can include either common and or a limited number of discrete alarm relays. Model MCX-32 accepts Type I or Type II compact flash cards for data logging. Alarms, calibrations, comm errors and faults are logged. Hourly peak and average readings for each channel is also logged. Other features include one-touch Alarm Inhibit, Alarm Reset, and Alarm Silence (Acknowledge) functions. The MCX-32 includes a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port. This allows users to remotely monitor the MCX-32 from a desktop PC or handheld device with an Internet connection. An addressable RS-485 Modbus RTU slave port is available for communication with higher level automation and control systems such as PLC’s, PC’s and Distributed Control Systems.

The Model MCX-32 is available in 4 enclosure options – Model MCX-32-N1P NEMA 1 panel mount, Model MCX-32-N1R NEMA 1 rack mount, Model MCX-32-N4X NEMA 4X epoxy fiberglass, and MCX-32-SS NEMA 4X 316 Stainless Steel. The control system can be powered by 110-230 VAC or 24 VDC. Model MCX-32 Integrated Control Systems are intended for installation inside buildings or under cover avoiding direct sunlight.

Model 10 & 12 Single Sensor Control Card Systems

"Superior Safety Through Modular Redundancy"

• Modular plug-in design
• 2 to 16 channel packaging (NEMA 1, NEMA 4X, NEMA 7)
• Outputs 4-20 mA, RS-485 Modbus™, alarm relays
• Control module status and parameters accessible via RS-485
• Programmable relays standard (up to 3 alarms + 1 fault)
• Alarm reset, silence, and calibration inhibit
• Five year fixed-fee service policy

Model 10C Features two alarm relays, a four-character alpha-numeric display w/scrolling operator interface, and range of detection programmable from 1.00 to 9999 (ppm, %, ppb)

Detcon Model 10 Modular Controls

Model 12B Features three alarm relays, a three-character seven segment display, and range of detection programmable from 1.00 to 999 (ppm, %, ppb)

Detcon Model 12 Modular Controls

Detcon Model Series 10 and 12 gas detection and alarm systems consist of single sensor control cards that can be integrated into one system design to create multi-function monitoring and control of a wide range of field devices. Field devices include gas detection sensors, flame and fire detection devices and process sensors. Each control card is capable of supervising a single field device, displaying current status of that device and providing alarm relay outputs once user-configured limits are detected. Gas detection control modules display the real time concentration of a wide range of toxic gases, combustible gas, and oxygen sensors that output a 4-20 milliamp signal. The flame detection module displays the real time status of any flame detector with a 4-20 milliamp output signal. The alarm annunciator module can be used to monitor smoke and thermal detectors, pull stations, and any dry contact closure device.


Data Sheet

MX 43

FAQ Sheet


Instruction Manual

MX 43 User Manual

MX 43 Gas Detection and Control Panel

Analog and Digital Controller

• 4 or 8 lines, up to 32 detectors
• Up to 32 fully programmable relays(OR, AND, NAND, NOR, Voting functions)
• Large graphic display
• Remote modules (cost savings on wiring installation)
• USB Data logging capability
• RS485 Modbus RTU and multiple analog outputs

Oldham Model MX 43 Gas Detection and Control Panel

The MX 43 is a flexible, high quality, easy to use fully scalable gas detector The MX 43 is an analog and digital controller designed to continuously measure and control gases in the atmosphere. It manages both digital lines and analog channels, and covers all needs for a wide variety of applications. The MX 43 digital technology allows up to 32 detectors to be distributed on 8 lines for increased cost savings.

USB Module for Improved Storage Capacity
Oldham has improved the storage capacity of its MX 43 controller by adding a USB module. The USB option provides the user the following benefits:

• Continuous data logging on the USB key at a user defined sampling rate from 2 seconds to 15 minutes
• Recording in real-time of all events (alarms, faults, alarm resets, calibration etc.)
• Automatic backup of the configuration
• Automatic backup of the firmware
• Loading a configuration or a firmware file from the USB stick in order to restore or update the system easily.

The 4GB USB drive fitted with the USB kit, provides a recording capacity of more than 2 years (18 months in the worst case for a controller equipped with 32 detectors), a 2 second sampling rate (32 measurements every 2 seconds), and 100 events per day per detector (3200 events per day).

Safety Approvals
EMC, ATEX, Low Voltage Directive, CSA (pending), MTBF, MED



Data Sheet

Model RD-64X

Instruction Manual

Model RD-64X

Detcon Model RD-64X Remote Display

• Real Time Data Display
• Up to 64 Channel Capacity
• Backlit LCD Screen Display
• Modbus™ RS-485 RTU communications
• Easy Intuitive Field Configuration
• External Reset/Achknowledge Switch
• Extensive Event Data Logging
• SmartWireless® Capable

The Detcon Model RD-64X is a read-only remote display unit designed to monitor real time status of a wide range of gas detection sensors and controllers.

The system is configurable for up to 64 channels and communicates using Modbus™ RS-485 RTU protocol. The RD-64X features a non-intrusive magnetic interface and a backlit LCD that simplifies operation and configuration. The remote display unit is field configurable and operates as a Modbus™ Master. During normal operation the RD-64X displays real-time status (i.e., channel number, gas type, unit of measure, and gas concentration) for up to eight field devices simultaneously. The unit continuously auto cycles through each of the active channel screens for constant, up-to-date readings.

The RD-64X provides Alarm/Fault status indication on front panel LEDs. Alarm relay outputs can be configured as Latching/Non-latching, Energized/De-energized and Silenceable/Non-silenceable on each unit using one Detcon RL-4 module.

Among the system’s unique features is a wireless option that can be used with Detcon’s RXT-320 SmartWireless® transceivers. Enclosure options include NEMA 4X (Model RD-64X-N4X) powered by either 110/220VAC or 24 VDC using an internal power supply and NEMA 7 (Model RD-64X-N7) powered by 11.5-30VDC using an external voltage source. Model RD-64X-N4X includes an external Reset/Acknowledge switch as standard (optional on Model RD-64X-N7).



Model 1000
Data Sheets

up to 100ppm

up to 5%



Portable H2S

Model 1000
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Portable H2S

Model 1000
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Detcon Model 1000 Gas Analyzers

• Continuous measurement with superior uptime
• H2S Ranges from 10 ppm to 5% by Volume
• CO2 Ranges from 3,000 ppm up to 100%
• Readily Field Replaceable Sensors
• Simple Field Calibration
• Single and Dual (H2S/CO2) Configurations
• Simple to operate
• Calibration maintenance only
• Low cost of ownership
• No hazardous waste disposal
• Sample gas upset protection standard
• Standard outputs: 4-20mA, RS-485, and 3 relays
• Class I, Div. 1, Groups C, D rated

The Detcon Model 1000 Series H2S and CO2 gas analyzers are designed to provide accurate and continuous measurement of target gas concentrations in natural gas treating plants, gas production wells and at custody transfer points along gas transmission pipelines. The application flexibility of this family of analyzer products is based on utilization of proven sensor technologies and the ability to customize according to the application.

In the Model 1000, Detcon’s long history of gas monitoring sensor research and manufacturing is combined with a field tested and proven pedigree in sampling system design and operation. The result is a simple and economical yet powerful analytical tool offering capabilities equivalent to analyzer technologies costing much more. Long sensor life, easy operator interface and embedded intuitive maintenance scripts help to maintain high quality analysis of H2S and CO2 content in natural gas processes.

NEMA 4X Enclosure Options - 316-SS or Painted Steel

Enclosure Options

Model 1000-H2S (electrochemical) up to 5% Range

H2S Gas Analyzer

Model 1000-CO2 (infrared) up to 100% Range

CO2 Gas Analyzer

Model 1000-H2S-CO2
H2S (electrochemical) Up to 10% Range
CO2 (infrared) Up to 100% Range

H2S/CO2 Gas Analyzer

Model P1000 Portable H2S up to 10,000 ppm Range


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